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Welcome to Bass Busters of Santa Clara County, we are pleased that you are attending this meeting, hopefully with the intentions of joining us in our pursuit of Black Bass. In order for you to become familiar with us and perhaps answer your questions, we have prepared this information sheet.

1.​As stated in our by-laws the club is open to California licensed fisherman, eighteen (18) years or older. 

2.​In order to become a member, a person must attend two regular Club meetings, usually one before and one after fishing in a Club Tournament. The candidate must also agree to abide by Club by-laws, tournament rules and California Dept. Fish and Games Laws. The candidate must be voted on by the membership and be accepted by two thirds of the membership present and voting.

3.​There is an initiation fee ($45) and monthly dues ($20) which cover all tournament prizes and awards. The Club holds one regular scheduled meeting each month.

4.​The Club fishes one official tournament a month except for December. There are both draw and pick your partner tournaments. During July and August, night tournaments are held and occasionally one and one half are scheduled.

5.​It is not necessary that prospective members be boat owners. The usual arrangement is for non-boaters to split expenses with the boat owner with whom they are fishing.

6.​The Club holds an annual awards dinner covered out of the monthly dues at which the yearly prizes are awarded.

7.​Usually during the summer, the Club holds a picnic/barbecue/powder puff/kids

derby in which the whole family is invited.

8.​The Club has published By-Laws, Tournament Schedules, and Rosters. You can request copies from the club Secretary.

9. Please provide your name, address, and phone number at the meeting so that we can put you on our mailing list if you decide to join the Club.

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