Big Fish
of The Year
Sprio Stamos
6.91 lbs. @ Berryessa
 March 12, 2022 - California Delta 
Our March Tournament was last Saturday launching out of Holland Riverside Marina.

The Delta was very stingy with 17 of 22 anglers unable to secure a limit. A few anglers were able to find them around the flooded Islands using various techniques (JUNK fishing)

In 1st place, Tony Leyva used a variety of baits to catch his winning limit of 16.34 lbs. with his big fish coming it at 5.26 lbs. (His big fish came on a Punch rig)

In 2nd place, Spiro was able to secure his 13.13 lb. limit using Senkos (Who knows where?)

In 3rd place, Miguel Leyva caught is 12.35 lb. limit on Senkos and a Punch rig. Miguel ran all over the Delta burning 84 gallons of fuel. (lol, his boat only holds 40 gallons)

The big fish of our tournament weighing in at 6.57 lbs. was stuck by Jeff Leo (back from his Sabbatical) on a Senko. (too bad Jeff was only able to catch 2 fish)

The remainder of the field struggled to put quality or quantity in their bags.

Off to our next event which will be New Melones on April 23.

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March 12, 2022
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