Big Fish
of The Year
January 16, 2021 - Camanche Reservoir

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2021 Top 12
Angler Of The Year
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Spiro Stamos
2.97 lbs. @ Camanche
January 16, 2021
            1st  Eric Christiansen  13.06       
      2nd Britt Brittain           12.90
      3rd  Anthony Lee         11.35
January 2021 Camanche tournament started off with thick fog making it hard to find launch site near five mph buoy.  For safety Scott had us idle to our first spots in the morning.  Eventually the fog lifted around 11ish am allowing the sun to break through.  Water temps were 54 degrees.  Spiro had big fish of the tournament at just shy of 3 pounds.  Next tournament will be at Camanche and will be a team 1 day tournament.  Eric won the tournament and is seen here holding up a double.  Nice Job!