05/16/10                                                 Established 1969                                   Newsletter #05.10
Ferndale Resort, Clear Lake California –Beautiful weather, but a tough bite greeted the Bassbuster for two days on the water at Clear Lake. 

Mike Chen edged out his backseat partner John Fernandez to earn his second first place finish in the past three Bassbuster outings. 

Bed fishing up north seemed to put the most fish in the boat. Drop shotting, jigs, senkos and tubes were tied up at the end of most lines. 
Chen Takes Top Spot after 2 Days on Clear Lake
May 2010 Clear Lake Winners: L-R  Mike Chen (1st Place), John Fernandez (2nd Place) Jon Hagen (Big Fish) and Aaron Inouye (3rd Place)
Bassbusters Joe Alvarez and Rob Nelson try their hand at bed fishing in one of Clear Lake's backwater sloughs
The event's big fish at 6.67 lbs, was caught by Jon Hagen on what else, but a MM Dropshot.
Grandpa (Bob Schmidt) and Glenn Hayashimoto targeting an attractive dock not too far from the launch site at Ferndale
Second big fish at 5.14 lbs. by Tyler Linscott
John Fernandez and Jon Hagen get plenty of help at weigh-in
The quiet and peaceful Saturday evening was frequently interrupted by  gigantic Carp rolling in the grass