03/23/10                                                 Established 1969                                   Newsletter #03.10
Pardee California – As most of the Bassbusters were wiping down boats and making colorful expressions about the selection of Lake Pardee for the March 2010 tournament, Mike and Sandy Chen walked toward the weight tank with some rather suspicious smirks on their faces. They ended up with an 11.42 lb. total that included two giant Smallmouth’s that Pardee is famous for.  Jaws dropped from onlookers.

"We fished flats all day," was Mike's debrief that caused other members to scratch their heads.  Once they found the sweet spot, Mike and Sandy employed rip baits and Senkos to pull out the win. This was truly an impressive performance, considering that 10 of 17 boats came back with empty livewells. 

Chen Family Rips "Brutal" Pardee
March 2010 Pardee Winners: L-R  Marshal Smith and Spiro Stamos (3rd place)  Sandy, "Sampson" and Mike Chen  (1st Place),  John Fernandez and Jon Hagan (2nd Place)
With a well deserved grin still welded to his face, Mike Chen displays the day's #1 and #2 big fish (5.98 lb. and 5.52 lb. respectively)