Whiskey for  Breakfast
Whiskey Slough, CA -   2009 started out as the year of the Hagan but seems to be ending as the year of the Hilger. In fine fashion Nelson Hilger clobbered the competition with his 17.1 lb bag of tough to catch, late summer Delta bass. This time of year most of the mature bass abandon their usual haunts, giving them up to their voracious young'uns. Many Bass Busters reported a plethora of fish but found keepers hard to come by. Only four limits were brought to the scales and those took the top four spots. Nelson, fishing from the back of Spiro's boat wielded his lethal drop-shot on deep-water bridge pilings and docks. For those of you who've been paying attention it will come as no surprise that a Margarita Mutilator Robo-Worm was the weapon of choice.

 Almost 7.5 lbs behind the Nelsonator, the Bass Busters favorite crotchety old mountain man, Bob Williams weighed in a 9.47 lb limit. His secret was to work a wacky rigged smoke with purple flake Senko through as much water as he could and to keep those damn kids off his lawn.
 John Fernandez took third place just .28 lbs behind Bob. As the antithesis of every other Bass Buster, John worked a frog over the mats, up and down Whiskey slough just minutes from the launch ramp. The reigning non-boater extraordinaire almost always finds a way to get some good fish in the boat. If you've had your eyes glued to the points race you can't miss the dogfight for the top non-boater spot. John and Nelson are just 6 points apart with some tough water coming up today at New Melones and the double Delta tournament in November. Stay tuned!
The World of Tomorrow
 This is the time of year when we start thinking about 2010. If you want to suggest rule changes or some different lakes this is your time to speak up. Last year too many new items came up at the last minute which resulted in some of the most irritatingly dull meetings on record. If you have some ideas or questions bring them up now on the message board in the members only section. Remember be nice! Just because it's the internet doesn't mean we don't know who you are.

Delta Bass Club Invitational
 There was some sort of inter-club tournament but I can't tell you about it 'cause nobody told me nuthin'.

Bass Busters of Santa Clara County 
9/26/09                                                           Established 1969
Newsletter #9.09
Whiskey's winners: 3rd John Fernandez, 1st Nelson Hilger, Big Fish Jim Fritz, 2nd Bob Williams
Ever thoughtful, Spiro Stamos races to get Nelson Hilger on some winning fish.