Hilger and Fritz Shout Down Diablo
Stockton, CA -  Striking a blow for the the forces of goodness and light Jim Fritz and Nelson Hilger kept Satan's minions out of the winners circle, at least for this month. The winning duo put in some productive pre-fish time and relied on pinpoint casting as they found their 23.93 lbs of fish tight to cover. 

Jim attributed their success to Nelsons accuracy with his dropshot, which he fishes on a medium-fast casting rod. This set-up caught the 5.8lb big fish of the tourney. They fished around Fourteen mile slough using Robo worms (MM III), Sweet Beavers (Sprayed Grass), Senkos and earlier in the day some frogs. Keep an eye on these two anglers as they are just a couple of flat tires out of first place.
Although Albert Leung described it as "junk fishing", he and his partner Robert Williams rode that mule into second place. Robert threw senkos and Albert dropshotted up 21.27 lbs of Delta largemouths to earn their first plaques of the year.
Jon Wagman also earned his first plaque of the year by riding with Jon Hagan into third place. The two anglers managed to bring 19.75 lbs to the scales. using the same techniques as the first and second place teams. Hagan indicated that their efforts were directed mainly on docks with current. While Wagman was heard to say, "...who was your last non-boater? The seats are all charred and it smells like burned meat."
Next Tournament Launch Moved
Due to unfavorable conditions at the Redbud launch ramp the Aug. 22 Clear lake night tournament will be launching from Lakeport at the public ramp on 5th st. Be on the water at the 5 mph bouys at 5:45 PM for a 6:00 PM launch. For the latest tournament details check the message board.

Busters Snag a Victory
John Hagan's deal with the devil continues to reap great rewards as he and his partner Dean Ziemer take first place in the Snagproof Open. Two days of fishing with nothing but frogs against 200 other boats.

Bass Busters of Santa Clara County 
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Newsletter #7.09
Defeaters of evil, Nelson Hilger and Jim Fritz
Right on brutha's!