Britt and  Brian  Bust Delta Bass
Orwood CA-  The first of five 2009 Bass Busters Delta tournaments lured 18 boats out on the last weekend of winter with the hope of catching an early staging behemoth. The days before the event built up expectations with a warming trend but the day of the tournament a cold front blew through actually cooling the water over the course of the day, wrecking many anglers pre-fishing patterns. In true Bass Buster fashion a few teams figured it out and put together some phenomenal sacks of fish.

 Brian Vieau and Britt Brittain captured the top spot of this team event with a whopping 26.42 lb limit including Big Fish of the tournament a 7.32 lb Delta hawg. The duo fished further south than any other boat and, following a tip they heard on the radio, threw crankbaits on wind-blown banks. Later they switched to hollow belly swimbaits fished on 1/2 oz dartheads, which Brian used to bring in the big girl.
 Dean Ziemer and Glenn Hayashimoto headed north and spent the day around Franks Tract which paid off nicely as they brought in 21.40 lbs to secure second place. They threw a Lucky Craft LC-500 in the craw


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Newsletter #3.09
Glenn prepares for Dean's celebratory hug.
Brian Vieau and Britt Brittain show off their winning catch.
 pattern and a dropshot rigged with a Margarita Mutilator Robo-worm which, I believe Dean had permanently grafted to his arm. The dropshot accounted for the second Big Fish which at 7.27 lbs was a mere .05 oz from the Brian's Big Fish.

As an illustration of the tough bite Jeff Hawkins and Aaron Inouye took Third with four fish weighing 16.07 lbs. The team reported catching their fish on Senkos  and Sweet Beavers in dark colors. They found their quarry in weedy, shallow (3-4 ft) areas adjacent to deeper (8-10 ft) water.
Jeff and Aaron work hard for a trophy.