Deja Vu All Over Again
Berryessa CA-  The morning of February 7th found 34 anglers braving the launch ramp traffic and the elements to hunt for the elusive bass. They gathered at Capell Cove on Lake Berryessa for the Bass Busters second tournament of 2009. The fog was thick early and the wind kicked up late as most anglers struggled for some tough mid-winter bites with only seven limits brought in. 

Tournament number two was win number two for Jon Hagan. Even John struggled most of the day trying to fill out his limit but thanks to a last minute flurry he managed to weigh in 8.33 lbs. Hagan reported finding most of his fish at the north end of the main lake in 15' of water early and up to 50' deep later in the day. He also managed to cull a fish on his last cast, throwing his all powerful Basstrix onto a wind blown shore on the main lake. All hail mighty Basstrix.

The ever reliable Mike Chen grabbed 2nd place with 8.04 lbs of fish. Though the bass thought they could hide under 40 -60 feet of water they were sadly mistaken. Chen knocked his quarry on the head and dragged them from the depths with a football head jig with a watermelon and gold flake Hula Grub. Though the bass were wiley Chen was wilier.
Next Meeting 
Our next meeting is Thursday, March 5th at the IHOP at 5403 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) in Santa Clara. Start time is 7:30pm.

Next Tournament 
Delta, March 14th. It's an Team Pick-Your-Partner tournament. If you can’t make the meeting and plan to fish the next tournament post your intention on the message board or contact an officer who is attending the meeting. The same goes for entry in the big-fish pool. We are launching from Orwood at safe light.

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Newsletter #2.09
Congratulations to our Lake Berryessa Winners
John Fernandez used the last moments of fishing to catch the big bass of the day. Stopping just around the corner from the launch ramp the 4.91lb pig ate up his Hula Grub. Fernandez's monster was more than twice as big as Robert Paris Sr.'s 2.4 lb second big fish of the day.
Non-boater supreme, John Fernandez, shows off his 4.91lb big bass of the day
At Lake Berryessa a wall of fog greets our intrepid anglers
Jim Fritz reported working hard for 3rd place using a technique he seems to have mastered, swimming a darthead. As often is the case in our neck of the woods, Margarita Mutilator was the color of choice. Fritz also reported some success using the same color on a dropshot and also caught a fish on a jerkbait.