Bass Busters Tournament of Champion Rules 2008


Top twelve point qualifiers: from the previous year standings will compete in a Tournament of Champions (TOC) the following year, in a combined club tournament at a lake of the tournament committee’s choice. This will be a tournament within a tournament as follows.


  1. The regular club tournament will be a two-day draw. The top twelve qualifiers weight from the first day of this tournament will count towards the one-day TOC.


  1. Awards: Will be determined by that year’s tournament committee.


  1. Regular draw rules apply.


  1. Eligibility: TOC qualifiers must be active members in good standing.


  1. Trophies and money awards will be given out Saturday after the first day of the regular club tournament following the club BBQ / Dinner. 


  1. Tournament committee members will be responsible for organizing the club BBQ / Dinner. The club will pay for the BBQ expenses for club members.


  1. Weigh-ins: There will be three weigh-ins: The two on Saturday will be an individual weigh-in of up to 5 fish for each contestant for the TOC determination. The second Saturday weigh-in will be for the combined weight of the best 5 fish and be carried over to Sunday for the team’s total weight.


TOC RULES 01/11/08