Weather Unseasonably Hot Fishing   Not   So   Much
Redbud CA-  Driving through the Napa Valley the thermometer read 70*F. A wee bit over the seasonal norm considering it was 5:00AM on November 15th.    Fourteen Bass Busters in seven boats gathered at the Red Bud ramp and worked over Clearlake for the final tournament of the year. It didn't feel like fall and the bass seemed as confused as the weather. The bass were tight-lipped with Jon Hagan bringing in the only limit of the two day event. Adding another four fish on day two, Jon clinched the top spot to add a cherry on top of his Angler of the year sunday.  Working the same small chunk of water both days with a shallow crank, dropshot and even a spoon Hagan weighed a total of 28.17lbs. His sack included the 2nd big fish, a 5.03lb'er which, as witnessed, attacked his CB 100 Luckycraft when the baby bass it really wanted to eat darted into the rocks. 

    Hagan works his pecs with some meaty Clearlake bass

Second Place went to Jon Wagman Who put together a 19.17lb sack. Almost all his fish came on a "Ghost Minnow" colored Luckycraft LV500 in a short period of time in a very small area. 
 Third place went to Bob Williams who took home his first plaque with his 12.94lb sack.  Bob tamed his wild basses with a variety of dropshotted baits including a Baby Brush Hog. 
The Big Fish of the tournament was a 5.55lb brute brought in by Michael Chen. This was his second Big Fish Trophy this year.


   Clearlake winners: 3rd- Bob Williams, 2nd -Jon Wagman, 
   1st- Jon Hagan and Big Fish- Michael Chen

Next Meeting 
Our next meeting is Thursday, December 4th at the IHOP at 5403 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) in Santa Clara. Start time is 7:30pm. We'll be introducing the officers for next year. If you have any suggestions for ammending the tournament rules this is the meeting to submit them. Now is the time to make your voice heard, 
Next Tournament 
Anderson Reservoir, January 17th. It's a team draw tournament. If you can’t make the meeting and plan to fish this first tournament of 2009 let someone who is attending the meeting know. The same goes for entry in the big-fish pool. We are launching from the ramp next to the dam.

Bass Busters of Santa Clara County 
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