Delta Hot and Cold
Orwood - As the Bass Busters 2008 season  winds down our 10th tournament of the year found us visiting the Delta one last time. As always the everchanging Delta threw some curveballs with dropping temps and gusty winds but about half of the 12 teams managed to scrape up limits.  Almost all the anglers used Senkos or a Dropshot rig except for Jeff Leo and Albert Leung who cranked a Fat CB Luckycraft in the mad craw pattern to bring in 11.58lbs, enough to secure the top spot. Their sack included a 6.78lb bucketmouth, the big fish of the day. 
  Jim Fritz and Ryan Margone targeted warmer water using Senkos and a black and purple jig with a Double Wide Sweet Beaver trailer to nab second with 11.1lbs.
 Third was taken by Dean Ziemer and Dennis McMaster who suckered 10.35lbs into their livewell with a Dropshotted Margarita Mutilator and small swimbaits. Dean's 6.38lb second big fish of the day didn't hurt them either.

Spiro and Mike Represent
Spiro Stamos and Mike Chen will be riding their success in this years Future Pro Tour to the FPT TOC at Clear Lake November 8th & 9th. We'll all be rooting for 'em. 

    Mike Chen and Spiro Stamos pre-fish for FPT TOC
It seems like it would only be fair for Mike and Spiro to share their winning strategy with the rest of the club for our Clear Lake tournament the next week. On second thought guys, just send me all the details and I'll post them for you.

     Dawn over Franks Tract on the California Delta

After a really tough day on the Delta the Bass Busters scraped enough weight together to take 7th place. The winning weight was just under 49lbs for 6 boats which shows how tough it was. 
Click here for the complete results.
Next Meeting 
Our next meeting is Thursday, December 4th at the IHOP at 5403 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) in Santa Clara. Start time is 7:30pm. We'll be introducing the officers for next year. If you have any suggestions for amending the tournament rules this is the meeting to submit them. Now is the time to make your voice heard.
Next Tournament 
Clear Lake, November 15th and 16th. It's an individual draw tournament. If you can’t make the meeting and plan to fish this last tournament of 2008 let someone who is attending the meeting know. The same goes for entry in the big-fish pool. We are launching from the ramp in Red Bud at safe light.

Bass Busters of Santa Clara County 
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