In the Dark at Amador

Amador 1st Place winners John Hagan and Ryan Schmidt, Second place Moe Martinez and Arron Inouye, 3rd Ron Shikashio and Jon Wagman, Big Fish award Michael Chen

Ione CA - Lake Amador is shrinking. If it was a two day tournament we'd have ended up casting into each others livewells. Luckily it was a one day event and a night tournament at that. Along with the Busters, two other bass clubs shared the lake. The tight quarters made for crowded fishing, but some big fish and an amazing comeback made it one of the most memorable tournaments of the year. 

As per DFG regulation we had two weigh-ins which added a little drama to the affair. With every point and cove loaded with boats the fishing was tough with only two limits were brought to the the first weigh-in scales. John H. and Ryan S. used a jig and cut tail worm to weigh one limit of 14.87lbs to lead. Ron S. and Jon W. worked Big Dead Ringers with brass and glass across a wide flat on the main lake to bring in the other limit to grab second with 13.5 lbs. In third was Bart  B. and Lloyd B. who worked jigs and Senkos, weighed in three fish for 11.18 lbs (a 3.7lb avg !) Tony L. and Tyler L. weighed in 10.36 lbs using jigs, chatterbaits and a drop-shotted Big Unit. This fourth largest sack of the first weigh-in anchored by Tylers biggest fish of the first half a 5.85 lb beauty.

The second launch revealed a much mellower scene on the lake as the other two clubs called it a night and abandoned the lake to the Bass Busters. The second weigh-in saw better fishing with four limits brought to the scales. Although John and Ryan weighed in the fifth largest sack of the second weigh-in their consistency kept them on top with a total weight of 25.32 lbs. Ron and Jon managed to match their five fish from the first weigh-in but without a kicker ended up in third with 20.18 lbs. Slipping into second was the comeback team of Moe Martinez and Aaron Inouye. Though they didn't weigh in a single fish for the first half they wrangled a 24.28 lb sack bouncing a mission fish off the bottom next to the points to take second place. For those of you doing the math , that's a 4.85 lb average!  This didn't even include the big fish of the tournament an 8.87 lb goliath caught on a mission fish. 

You Can Run But ...
You Can't Hide! Low Cash is looking for you, Matt and Scott!  Since no one at the weigh-in spoke up on your behalf your team was awarded the Team Low Cash "trophy".  The trophy is awarded to the anglers with the lowest total weight. Just a reminder that this travesty of fishing justice cannot be avoided by changing the subject or wearing a disguise. As always redemption awaits at Clear Lake where the next lucky pair await their date with Low Cash destiny. 

                    TLC artist sketch of convicted award winners. 

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Our next meeting is Thursday, August 7th at the IHOP at 5403 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) in Santa Clara. Start time is 7:30pm. Don't miss out on the fun.

Next Tournament 
Clear Lake night tournament August 16th 
It's a team pick-your-partner tournament.  If you can’t make the meeting and plan to fish the next tournament let someone who is attending the meeting know. The same goes for entry in the big-fish pool. We are launching from Konocti Vista Casino at 6:00PM so be on the water by 5:40PM.

Schedule Update
The September tournament at New Melones has been moved to Saturday September 20th.

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