Hablo Don Pedro?

Don Pedro award winners Michael Chen, John Fernandez, and Glenn  Hayashimoto discuss the merits of plaque.

Mocassin Point CA - Apparently Don Pedro translates to "lake of puny Largemouth". Rumor has it that there are monster Largemouth in Lake Don Pedro though the winning weight for the Bass Busters sixth tournament of the year was a mere 9.7lbs. The water level was low and the temperature hit 100 but it was a beautiful day to be on the water compared to the five previous Bass Busters events. 2007 Angler of the Year, Michael Chen, used all his cunning and most of his wits to capture his winning limit. Starting early at the top of the water column with a Lucky Craft "Sammy" and a "Mikey" Baby Wake Bait, (with a Norman DD12 for good measure), Mike made his way deeper as the sun and water temp rose. He spent the rest of the day drop-shotting the ever popular "Margarita Mutilator" Robo-Worm around off-shore humps to cull up to his 9.7lb sack.

Just a heartbreaking .07lbs behind, in second place, was our ever positive Vice-President, John Fernandez (NB), who brought in 9.63lbs  Continuining his solid season John showed his mastery of the Popper language starting the day off with his "Pop'r" and "G-Splash" which he used to grab the Big Fish of the day, a 3.11lb "behemoth". Later in the day he relied on a Spider Jig and green w/ purple & blue flake Senko to do his bidding.

Glenn Hayashimoto (NB) rounded out the top 3 with his 8.59lb sack of fish. Glenn also threw a "G-Splash" early and later moved to a dart-headed "Morning Dawn" Robo-Worm and a drop-shotted "Margarita Mutilator".

Rob Nelson continued his quest for a Big Fish trophy coming close this time with the tournaments 2nd biggest fish. The 2.68lb Largemouth was caught on a LuckyCraft "Pointer" and was his 3rd fish of the day, coming in right after a spastic little Trout and a truly giant Crappie. 
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Thank god it wasn't me
From the kick 'em while they're down file the Team Low Cash "trophy" was taken home by Rick Marquardt. The trophy is awarded to the angler with the lowest total weight. Just a reminder that this travesty of fishing justice can be avoided by being skunked or weighing in no fish. As always redemption awaits at Lake Amador where Rick hopes to unload the TLC "award" on the next unfortunate team. 

                       Rick Marquardt revels in TLC glory. 

Next Meeting 
Our next meeting is Thursday, July 3rd at the IHOP at 5403 Stevens Creek Blvd, in Santa Clara. Start time is 7:30pm.

Next Tournament 
Lake Amador night tournament July 19 
It's a team pick-your-partner tournament.  If you can’t make the meeting and plan to fish the next tournament let someone who is attending the meeting know. The same goes for entry in the big-fish pool. We are launching from the main launch ramp south of the dam at 6:00PM so be on the water by 5:40PM.

Schedule Update
The September tournament at New Melones has been moved to Saturday September 20th.

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