CA DELTA 9/22/07 – Holland Riverside Marina  

The BassBusters held its 9th tournament of the year at the renowned California Delta out of Holland Riverside Marina.  We had 16 boats for 29 anglers show for the draw individual.  The river water was described as slightly stained with water temps in the low 70s. The weather started off cool and rainy in the mid 50s with cloudy skies and cleared to mostly cloudy and reached into the mid 70s as the day went on.  Winds were clocked at 10-12 mph throughout the day.   This recent cold weather system that moved through changed the bite somewhat for the club and made getting bites a bit tougher with only half the anglers boating limits.  Here’s how it all went down:
First place went to Michael Chen (B) who weighed in 19.61 lbs.  He came in with a 5 fish limit which included a 6.87 lb kicker nabbing Big Fish honors.  Mike reports catching the better quality fish on a 6” white Mission Fish swimbait and a 3 piece jointed wakebait called a Jackall Mikey in aurora black. He journeyed south to Fay Island, Kings Island, in and around Victoria Island Canal (south), and Mildred Island.  Congratulations!
Second place honors went to newly inducted member, Ryan Schmidt (NB).  He used a 10” power worm, LV500 rattle bait, and blades.  He reports fishing nearby places, citing Holland, Orwood, and Rock Slough as places he fished.  He weighed in a nice 5.02 lb kicker he caught late in the day to anchor a 13.72 lb limit.  Nice job on your first official club tournament, Ryan!
 Third spot went to Jeff Hawkins (B) who threw topwater offerings and Senkos in Franks and along Old River to bring a 12.40 lb limit to the scales.  Good job, Jeff!
Landing in fourth place was Kyle Mulhair (B) with 11.72 lbs.  He found his success with a popper and Senkos.  Nice one!
In fifth place with 11.58 lbs was Mo Martinez (B) who employed white buzzbaits and blades, wacky Senkos and kutails.
Taking sixth place was Francisco “Boogie” Segoviano (B) with 10.93 lbs.  He reported using spinnerbaits in white with copper Colorado blades.   
Miguel Villavicencio (B) landed in seventh place with a 10.64 lb limit using a shakey head blue lizard, double-wide Sweet Beavers, and spooks to entice his bass.
Eighth place had Ryan Caldwell (B) bring 10.47 lbs to the scales.  He used spooks, buzzbaits, ripbaits, and frogs along rip rap banks in and around Franks Tract to find his fish.
Tyler Linscott (NB) finished in ninth place with 10.13 lbs tossing dark t-rigged Senkos and lipless cranks.
In tenth place, perspective member, Bob W. (NB) took 9.64 lbs to weigh-in.  He reported using trickworms, brushogs, and Senkos to fool his fish.
Eleventh place found Jon Hagan (B) with 9.24 lbs.  Jon reported using buzzbaits, flipping Beavers and spooks in the Franks Tract area.  His 3 fish was anchored by a 5.95 bucketmouth good for 2nd Big Fish.  
After a long break, Sal Placencia (NB) decided to join us and weighed in 4 fish for 8.89 lbs landing in twelfth and reported Sweet Beavers and dropshotting.
In thirteenth place was Adam Kern (NB) with 8.70 lbs.  He utilized jigs, Senkos, and spooks.
John Fernandez (NB) finished in fourteenth place with 8.29 lbs.  Poppers and dark wacky rigged Senkos were his weapons of choice in Franks Tract.
Taking fifteenth place was Ron Shikashio (B) weighing in 6.59 lbs.  He fooled his fish on Double-wide Beavers and dropshot.
Britt Brittain (B) brought in 5.02 lbs good for sixteenth place.  He threw the dropshot in and around docks.
Seventeenth place was Ed Hawkins (B) who weighed in 4.84 lbs.  His keys to finding bites were white Yamamoto Swimbaits on Spintrix heads, spinnerbaits, and Senkos.
In eighteenth place was Rich Clark (B) who weighed in 4.59 lbs of fish pitching and flipping a green jig all day.
Jim Fritz (B) took nineteenth place by using poppers and Sweet Beavers in Sandmound and Little Mandeville. 
Tony Leyva (NB) finished in twentieth place with 3.99 lbs.  He caught his fish on wacky rigged Senkos in Whiskey and Rock Slough.
Eric (Rick) Marquardt (NB) finished in twenty-first place with 3.54 lbs fooling fish with white spinnerbaits, Senkos, and dropshotted 6” straight tail worms.
In twenty-second place, Jon Wagman (NB) took 3.53 lbs to weigh-in.  He reported throwing buzzbaits and power hogs saying he keyed on isolated tulles with current.
Joe Alvarez (B) took twenty-third with 3.51 lbs using spooks, poppers, and dropshot.
Landing in twenty-fourth with 3.46 lbs was Spiro Stamos (B) who’s 3 fish was taken on Senkos.   He reported having 3 larger fish take his Shell Cracker swimbait but couldn’t manage to bring them to the boat.
In twenty-fifth, was Brian Vieau (B) with 2.00 lbs using a darthead Roboworm.
Joe Heylen took twenty-sixth place with 1.59 lbs on a dropshot.
Glenn Hayashimoto (NB), Marshall Smith (NB) and Bon Gotuaco (NB) didn’t fare as well with these tougher conditions but nonetheless exhibited good spirits despite their tough day.
Our next meeting will be October 4th at IHOP starting at 7:30pm.  During our next meeting we will be taking nomination for next years officers.  Also at hand is our next tournament at New Melones on October 20th which is a draw team tournament.  Lastly, next month is the Northern California Club Classic on October 14th where the BassBusters are sending our top 12 qualifying member to fish against 11 other clubs on the CA Delta.   This event has grown nicely as this is the 3rd annual Club Classic and serves as another aim our members strive towards.  A lot of sponsors, camaraderie, and good food await our qualifiers.  As a reminder, if you can’t make the meeting and you plan to fish our next tournament (New Melones), let someone attending know so we don’t have any confusion during our partner drawings. 

Sept 2007 Newsletter