Twelve teams took it to Shasta Lake on June 9-10 for the sixth tournament of 2007.  The lake was lower than normal but still in good shape.  The weather was cooperative with a high of about 90, and only small amounts of wind.   Tournament Director Tyler Linscott was not able to go so former director John Fernandez stepped up to cover for Tyler.  The spotted bass were small but willing and it was limits all around on both days.  There was a BBQ hosted by John Neibel at his home in Lake Shasta City, thanks John!
To win at Shasta anglers must set themselves apart from the rest of the field by bringing in one fish that is significantly larger than the average.  The angler with the tournament big fish usually also wins most total weight.  Team Japan, Glen Hayashimoto and Ron Shikashio, did just that when they brought in a 3.98 lb. Largemouth on Saturday that moved them about a pound ahead of the second place weight.  On Sunday Ron and Glen brought in less weight but still had enough to protect their lead.  Their 
first place win was done with Sammy topwater baits, Bomber Crankbaits, dropshotting, and the big Harmon DB 22 Swimbait.  Ron and Glen fished steep Pit River banks with wood on them.  Their total weight was 22.11 pounds.
Second place went to Mike Chen and his guest, Sandy.  They came from behind on Sunday to nail down second.  Mike reported they threw Zara Spooks in the Sacramento Arm until 9 AM then went to “point hopping” with dart heads in O’Brien’s Inlet.
third place
Kyle Mulhair and Tony Leyva brought in 21.23 pounds   dart heading green weenies and morning dawn worms.  
John Neibel and Marshal Smith took 4th place with a total weight of 21.17 pounds.  This team probably burned the most gas.  John reported they used rip baits, spinners, dartheads and jigs from the Sacramento arm up into the Pit River to get their fish. Fifth place went to Joe Costa and Ed Hawkins with 19.97 pounds.  This team used drop shots and darter heads on main lake points and steep banks to get their fish.  
Moe Martinez and Britt Brittain took 6th place.  They used poppers all day on Saturday and part of Sunday.  The rest of their 19.44 pound catch came on spinner baits and dart heads.
Adam Kern and Mikey V. used the Basstrix Baby bass pattern swim bait and Zara Spooks followed up with Dart Head worms to take 7th Place.  
Spiro Stamos and John Fernandez took 8th Place and threw just about everything in the boat to get their fish.
 Rick Marquardt and prospective member John caught a total of 17.18 pounts that was good enough for 9th place.  They drop-shotted worms and cranked out their limits.
Buzzbaits, dropshotting, and dart head grubs did it for Rob Nelson and John Wagman to round out the top ten.
Bob Schmidt and Dave DiVinney (WELCOME BACK!) nailed a total weight of 16.21 to capture 11th place, dropshotting atomic shad color Witchcraft Worms.  Dave has been absent due to medical problems so we are all glad to see him back in his boat.  
Team Alvarez, Joe and guest, took 12th place to finish off the field.  This team caught their best fish on Senkos.
Several of the bass caught at Shasta displayed symptoms of hypovolemic shock caused by a lack of blood flow that usually causes death.  The primary symptom is floating on a side while moving fins to try to get stability.  These fish were either caught deep or came up from the deep to feed in the shallow area where they were caught.  Deep water fish self-inflate a swim bladder that spreads their rib cage and prevents the pressure of deep water from crushing their internal organs.  When they are kept in shallow water they are unable to deflate their air bladder quickly enough to prevent the bladder from squeezing down on their liver and cutting off blood flow.  These fish may recover fully if anglers will deflate the air bladder prior as soon as the fish show symptoms; they will surely die if you don’t.   The deflating device is available from tackle vendors.  If your fish show symptoms of needing to be “fizzed” and you are not sure how, ask around for a club member to help you.  Releasing fish to die while floating around the launch ram casts us all in a bad light.  To buy the device and instructions go to your favorite tackle store or on the web at

June 2007 Newsletter