Lake Berryessa – Capell Cove Launch Ramp   
Lake Berryessa’s event went off with 14 boats at launch and 30 anglers ready to test their skills and catch some fish after a miserly Lake Folsom left a lot of members fishless a month before.  At the ramp, air temps started in the low 40’s and reached upper 50’s in the afternoon.  Weather ranged from mostly cloudy with light breeze to increasing winds and showers later in the day. Water levels were around 20 feet below full pool and water clarity varied from 3’ visibility to muddy depending on location.  Surface water temperatures were approximately 50-52 degrees.  We hit Lake Berryessa as a front was moving in so many wondered, “would the fish cooperate today?”
First place went to Spiro Stamos (B) who dartheaded a 6” Morning Dawn Robos and ripping a LC Staycee in the Chartreuse Shad color for a 11.20 lbs limit.  He found his success mainly in the Narrows targeting points and suspended fish.  Mr. Stamos fished out in deep water where once he graphed the suspended fish, tossed out the ripbait finding the better fish.  Congratulations!
Second place honors went to Francisco “Sego” Segoviano (B).  Sego also found Big Fish of the Tournament with a healthy 2.90 lb spotted bass.
Our Third trophy went to Robert Nelson (B) who dartheaded 4” curly tail Roboworms in the Tequila Sunrise color for his limit weighing 10.30 lbs.  He mentioned fishing the “Farm House”, “Rock Slide”, near the dam, and the large cove at the entrance to the Narrows.  He found fish in the range between 10-30 feet.  He noted that many of his bites were pressure bites and it helped tremendously to have the right setup to feel those fish.  
On the way in, Rob’s boat encountered engine/battery troubles.  Luckily Rene Duzac came to the rescue offering his livewell and tow services at the end of the day.  I’m find comfort in the fact our club has members willing to help others out when it comes down to it.  Kudos to Rene.  
The rest of the field as follows: 
4 Tim S.- 9.7 lbs   
5 Britt B.- 9.14 lbs   
6 Mike Chen- 9.12 lbs   
7 John N.- 8.2 lbs   
8 Marshal S.- 7.3 lbs -2.3 big fish   
8 Lloyd B.- 7.3 lbs   
10 Tony L.- 7.15 lbs   
11 John F.- 7.12 lbs   
12 Rene D.- 6.8 lbs   
13 Don S.- 6.5 lbs - guest   
14 Mikey V.- 6.3 lbs   
15 Tyler L.- 6.1 lbs   
16 Glenn H.- 5.8 lbs   
17 Grandpa- 5.4 lbs   
18 Ron S.- 5.3 lbs   
19 Rick D.- 5.13 lbs – prospective member   
20 Mo M.- 4.15 lbs   
21 Joe A.- 4.12 lbs   
22 Steve I.- 4 lbs   
23 Jon W.- 3.8 lbs   
24 Adam K.- 3.7 lbs   
25 Rick M.- 3.15 lbs   
26 Joe H.- 3.1 lbs   
27 Rich C.- 3 lbs   
28 Ben T.- 2.5 lbs   
29 Hensen W.- 1.4 lbs   
30 Mike Clark- 1.2 lbs 

Febuary 2007 Newsletter