New Melones 10/20/07 – Tuttle Town Ramp  

The BassBusters of Santa Clara headed to New Melones to fish the 10th tournament of 2007.  We had 13 boats for 25 anglers show for the draw individual format.  New Melones Lake was holding 1,432,281 acre-feet of water, 996 ft. above sea level and 90 ft. from full capacity.  Surface water temperatures are approximately 64-67 degrees.  Water is fairly clear to slightly stained throughout the main lake and upriver. The weather started off cool at 50 with partly cloudy skies and reached into the 70s throughout the day as the clouds burned off.  Winds were minimal at blastoff and kicked up pretty good late in the afternoon making for some rough water on our way towards weigh-in.  Most if not all were expecting a fairly tough bite, as local reports and dock talk were saying Melones was fishing tough for several weeks.  
First place went to Ed Hawkins (B) and Britt Brittain (NB) with a 5 fish limit going 7.62 lbs along with Ed’s Big Fish going 3.54 lb.  The team started up the river along a stretch of bank throwing a Spro BBZ-1 slow sink and watching eagerly as multiple nice fish take interest, but, not commit to the swimbait (at least not biting the business ends i.e. hooks).  Taking advantage of seeing the large fish take notice, a Basstrix paddletail swimbait was immediately rigged up and landed their kicker fish!  The 2 also reported fishing spooks, dropshotting, and Senkos.  Way to go, fellas!

Second place honors went to Ron Shikashio (B) and Jon Wagman (NB) with a limit of 6.55 lbs.  They used buzzbaits and a dropshot for their day on the water.  Nice work!

Third place went to Spiro Stamos (B) and Kyle Mulhair (NB) who employed football heads, dartheads, and Senkos for a decent 5.88 lb limit.  The team fished the upper river arm.  Good job!
Landing in fourth place was Jim Fritz (B) and Hensen Wong (NB) with 5.57 lbs for 5 fish.  They found success primarily with spooks, dropshot, and darterheads.
In fifth place with 5.21 were Michael Chen (B) and Rick Marquardt (NB) who fished the upper river who basically caught their limit on Sammys and Spooks.  They also threw Hula Grubs, Senkos, and dropshot.
Taking sixth place were Francisco "Sego" Segoviano (B) and Glenn Hayashimoto (NB) who employed a combo of shakeyhead and dropshotted plastics for their 5.06 lbs limit. 
Joe Alvarez (B) and Bon Gotuaco (NB) landed in seventh place with a 4.75 lbs limit.  The team focused on flats ripping LC Pointer 100s and dropshotting.
Eighth place found Tony Leyva (B) and John Fernandez (NB) bring 4.40 lbs for 3 fish to the scales.  The two used dartheads and spooks.
Jeff Hawkins (B) and Mike Clark (NB) finished in ninth place with 3.59 lbs using splitshot Robos.
 In tenth place Jon Hagan (B) and Brian Vieau (NB) took 3.53 lbs with 2 fish to weigh-in.  Anchoring their bag was a nice 2.76 lb spot caught using a dropshotted Bold Bluegill Roboworm.
Eleventh place found Moe Martinez (B) and Marshall Smith (NB) with 2.15 lbs caught using Senkos and dropshot.
Miguel Villavicencio (B) and Tyler Linscott (NB) weighed in 1.84 lbs for twelfth place dropshotting 4” worms.
Rene Duzac (B) finished in thirteenth place with 0 lbs, as he had to leave early to make another engagement.
Like last February (2006) when the club was here last, the big weights weren’t there for us as the lake can be temperamental as to when the big fish are willing to bite.  Anchoring a nice kicker fish made all the difference (as it usually does at all tournaments  )
Our next meeting will be November 1st at IHOP starting at 7:30pm.  Its time to elect our 2008 officers so show up and vote!  As a reminder, if you can’t make it and you plan to fish our next tournament, let someone know ahead of time whether you plan to fish.  It’s gonna be the CA Delta out of Ladds Marina, a 2 day draw individual event where the points race is still on!  See you there!

"Early to bed, early to rise, fish all day, make up lies."  - Anonymous

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