Lake Oroville 3/10/2007, 3/11/2007 – Bidwell Canyon

The BassBusters headed to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada to test their skills on Lake Oroville to fish the 3rd tournament of 2007.  We had 14 boats for 28 anglers show for the draw team format.  Surface water temperatures were approximately 52-58 degrees depending on where anglers ventured.  Water was very clear in most places with around 10’ + visibility in most areas of the lake. The weather started off cool in the high 40’s reaching high 70’s in the afternoon.  Bluebird skies, little to no wind except for the characteristic morning breeze were on tap as we ventured out to do battle with Lake Oroville bass. 

First place went to Rene Duzac (B) and Adam Kern (NB) who ripped Lucky Craft Staycees in the Nishiki and Ghost Minnow colors in Middle Fork for 25.89 over the 2 days.  What separated this team from the rest of the field was their pattern.  Rene and Adam noted that although they threw reaction baits, the long pause between rips were the key.  Bites for them came during the long pauses ranging from 5-15 seconds long.  Big Fish and Second Big Fish Honors went to Rene for 2.99 and 2.55 lb spotted bass.  Both days they flirted with near - 13 lb limits and consistency was their friend.  Way to get ‘em, gentlemen!

Second place honors went to John Neibel (B) and Marshall “Tiny” Smith (NB) with 24.56 lbs and limits both days.  They used reaction baits, ripping Staycees in Chartreuse Shad in combination with tubes, Senkos, jigs, and dartheads.  The team fished areas all over the lake making runs from one fork to the next.  Congratulations, guys!

Our Third trophies went to Michael Chen (B) and Lloyd “Rooster” Bebilone (NB) weighed 22.45 lbs with limits both days.  On Saturday, the team ran to the North Fork ripping shad colored ripbaits along steep rocky banks at first light and switch over to brown Hula Grubs, brown tubes, and shaky head Purple Punisher Roboworm as the bite slowed later in the day.  They ended day 1 in the South Fork focused on similar areas.  On day 2, the team ran north to start and ended in the Middle Fork before they had to weigh-in.  They concentrated their efforts in the vegetation retention areas (coves) to find their fish.  
Landing in fourth place were Spiro “The Greek” Stamos (B) and Joe Costa (NB) with 21.63 lbs total.  The team employed Ghost Minnow and Blue Ghost Staycees in the Middle Fork concentrating on points and secondary points to catch their limits.
In fifth place with 19.29 lbs for 12 fish were Rob Nelson (B) and Kyle Mulhair (NB).  The two ripped blue Pointers 78s, dartheaded Bold Bluegill Robos, and Carolina rigged in the South Fork.  They fished 10-20 feet of water for their success.
Taking sixth place were Francisco “Sego” Segoviano (B) and John “Bucket” Fernandez (NB) who ripped Pointer 78s, dartheaded Blue Crawler Robos, and tossed brown jigs to catch 12 fish for 18.92 lbs.  
Don Snell (B) and Bob “Grandpa” Schmidt (NB) landed in seventh place with 11 fish for 16.48 lbs.  They reported fishing South Fork throwing splitshot red worms from 5-20 feet.
Ron Shikashio (B) and Joe Heylen (NB) took eighth place working ripbaits, football jigs, and Morning Dawn darterheads for 15.76 lbs.
Joe Alvarez (B) and Miguel Villavicencio (NB) took out the newly acquired Nitro (Rob’s old boat) and brought 14.49 lbs of fish over the 2 days fishing rip baits.  This was without fishfinders, too!  
Britt Brittain (B) and Tyler Linscott (NB) found the tenth spot for 14.48 lbs.  They had a rough first day weighing in 2 fish while searching for the elusive Oroville largemouth, but turned it around on day 2 with a limit of spots.  Jerkbaits accounted for their fish.
Mike Clark (B) and Rick Marquardt (NB) took eleventh place with 13.43 lbs utilizing ripbaits, dartheads, jigs, and crankbaits.
Steve Irving (B) and Joe Aichcroft (NB) landed in twelfth place with 13.38 lbs tossing rips, cranks, tubes, and various plastics.
Mo Martinez (B) and Jon Wagman (NB) took thirteenth ripping and throwing clear tubes and weighing in 9.07.
Fourteenth place went to Tony Leyva (B) and Ben Tamayo (NB) who employed rip baits.  They struggled on day 1 but managed to figure something out to have a better day 2.  They weighed in 5.10 lbs total.
Our next meeting will be April 5th at IHOP starting at 7:30pm.  As a reminder, if you can’t make it and you plan to fish our next tournament (Delta, draw individual), let someone know ahead of time so we can add your name to the draw.  The fishing should be good as spring gets into full swing by then!
March 2007 Newsletter