CA Delta – Holland Riverside Marina

The BassBusters had 15 boats at launch and 28 anglers ready to hit the CA Delta, our 4th tournament of the season.  Hopes were high as big tournaments (BASS and FLW) recently proved that big bucketmouths inhabited this awesome fishery.  At the ramp, air temps started in the low 50’s and reached upper 60’s in the afternoon.  Weather ranged from partly to mostly cloudy with light breeze ending in some light rain later in the day as a front was making its way through the area.  Water clarity varied from muddy to 4’ visibility depending on location.  Surface water temperatures were approximately 56-62 degrees which dropped as cooler weather prevailed from the week before.  We took a moment of silence before blast-off to honor recently passed lifetime member, Steve Irving, who will surely be missed by us.  Steve had touched many lives within the club through his experiences, camaraderie, and wisdom.  Rest in peace, my good friend.  Hopefully he enjoyed this day with us as our tournament went as follows:

First place went to Jon Wagman (NB) who utilized a number of techniques including a white/chartreuse spinnerbait, shakey head smoke/purple worm, and 7” watermelon/black flake Senkos.  His big fish came on the 7” Senko to the tune of 11.00 lbs!  His kicker was the Big Fish of the tournament to boot.  Just a few days earlier Jon while fun fishing, he found success on the Delta with fish over 7 lbs with former member Andy “Cooch” Cuccia.  It goes to show, you will be rewarded if you put in the time!  His total weight tipped the scales at 20.44 lbs.  Congratulations Jon on your fantastic showing!

Second place honors went to Spiro Stamos (B) who primarily used spinnerbaits to bring back a nice 18.20 lb limit.  Included in his bag was a 6.51 lb largemouth good for 2nd Big Fish.  He was sighted fishing in and around Mildred Island.  Great work, buddy!

Our Third trophy went to Ryan Caldwell (B) who tossed frogs, swimbaits, and Senkos in the South Delta and brought back 14.15 lbs.  It was Ryan’s first tournament showing this season and we were glad to finally see him back.  Solid performance!
Landing in fourth place with 13.56 lbs was Glen Hayashimoto (NB) who found willing fish to take speedtraps and Senkos.
Taking fifth with 13.06 lbs was Rene Duzac (B) who utilized a Lucky Craft LV-500 in craw color and a Pointer 100 for his limit of bass.
In sixth place was Michael Chen (B) who tossed 6” Senkos in watermelon/red, watermelon/black, 10” Powerworms, and frogs for his limit of 12.76 lbs.
Seventh spot found Kyle Mulhair (B) with a 12.54 lbs limit.  He reported using topwater, chartreuse/white blades, and motoroil/red flake Senkos for his success.
Staking eighth place was Mike Chen’s girlfriend, Sandy Sueoka, who brought in 11.56 lbs using watermelon/red Senkos.  She nearly beat Mike in his boat had it not been for a few small fish that wouldn’t cull.
Francisco “Sego” Segoviano (B) took ninth place with an 11.07 lb limit on Senkos.
Britt Brittain (B) took tenth place with 9.90 lbs using frogs and buzzbaits in and around Rock Slough.
Eleventh place found Miguel Villavicencio (B) who weighed in 9.31 lbs for his limit.  He reported using white/chartreuse spinnerbaits, topwater, MMIII Robos, and purple brushogs during his outing.
Rich Clark (B) took twelfth place with a 7.54 lb limit on frogs and blades.
Tim Setzekorn (NB) received thirteenth with 7.26 lbs on ripbaits and Senkos.
Lloyd Bebilone (NB) and Joe Alvarez (B) tied in fourteenth with 7.12 lbs.  Lloyd was using Senkos, rattletraps, and the 7” Mission Fish while Joe fished brushogs.
Marshall Smith (NB) captured sixteenth using blades and swimbaits with a 7.10 bag.
Seventeenth in the rankings was Rick Marquardt (NB) with 6.12 lbs who fooled fish with watermelon Stickos.
Ed Hawkins (B) finished in eighteenth place with 5.93 lbs using worms, Senkos, ripbaits, blades and red crankbaits.
Bob “Grandpa” Schmidt (NB) brought back 5.45 lbs with blades and Senkos, good for nineteenth.
Jeff Hawkins (B) captured twentieth place with 5.26 lbs.
Joe Heylen (NB) weighed in 5.10 lbs with Senkos and frogs and landed in twenty-first place.
Mike Clark (B) took twenty-second place using 6” purple Senkos primarily targeting sparse, shallow tulles.  He weighed in 4.58 lbs.
Rob Nelson (B) received twenty-third spot honors with 4.25 lbs using Senkos and dropshotted plastics.
Mo Martinez (B) captured twenty-fourth chucking swimbaits for 3.17 lbs.
Tyler Linscott (NB) landed twenty-fifth with 2.64 lbs throwing frogs and blades.
John Fernandes (NB) took twenty-sixth using Senkos and rattletraps with 2.42 lbs.
Ben Tamayo (NB) was twenty-seventh with 1.59 lbs.
Hensen Wong (NB) received twenty-eighth.

Months ahead in anticipation of the April Delta tournaments, our anglers were dreaming of a great spring spawn bite, but, Mother Nature dealt us a week of cold temps, probably forcing many of the bigger fish deep.  As reflected in our showing, the Delta hogs were for the most part missing.  But despite the smaller limits this year, everyone seemed to be in good spirits as fishing always puts us in.
Our next meeting will be May 3rd at IHOP starting at 7:30pm.  Our next journey to Clear Lake is a 2-day draw individual which includes the TOC on day 1.  Our top 12 anglers from the 2006 season will be competing May 19th to settle the TOC champion.  As a reminder, if you can’t make it to the meeting and you plan to fish our next tournament, let someone know ahead of time.  
Until next time, tight lines…

April 2007 Newsletter