CA DELTA 9/16/06 – Holland Riverside Marina  

The BassBusters held its 9th tournament of the year at the renowned California Delta out of Holland Riverside Marina.  We had 11 boats for 22 anglers show for the draw individual.  The river water was described as stained to slightly stained with water temps in the high 60s to low 70s. The weather started off cool in the mid 50s with partly cloudy skies but reached into the high 70s s as the day went on.  Winds were 10-20mph throughout the day.   A couple days before the tournament, the Delta saw dropping temps to the 60s from 100s a few days prior and the fishing may have been a bit tougher with the re-stabilizing of weather.  Here’s how it all went down:

First place distinctions went to Spiro Stamos (B) who chucked spinnerbaits all day long.   He came in with a 5 fish limit for 14.40 lbs which included a 6.93 kicker.  His kicker was good for 2nd Big Fish.  Also of note, he took the “Moe Money Option” by being the next angler ahead and in the option.  A nice payday for taking 2nd Big and the Moe Option.  Congratulations, buddy!

Second place honors went to Michael Clark (B).  He used a white buzzbait and a red Speedtrap to bag his 2 fish which included a whopping 9.30 bucketmouth first thing in the morning on the topwater buzzer.   His 9+ pounder was good for Big Fish of the tournament and anchored Mike’s total weight of 10.64 lbs.  Another solid day, Mike!

 third trophy went to Calvin Walls (B) who threw a white spinnerbait with gold blades and splitshot Roboworms to bring a 9.32 lb limit to the scales.  He reported fishing around Empire Cut in deeper water.  Keep it going!
Landing in fourth place was Moe Martinez (B) with 9.24 lbs.  He found his success with a Persuader spinnerbait he received at the last meeting raffle.  Nice one!
In fifth place with 8.98 lbs was Joe Heylen (NB) who employed jigs and watermelon with red flake senkos.
Taking sixth place was Adam Kern (NB) with 8.71 lbs.  He reported using a brown jig with double tail trailer and a white Speedtrap.   He finished with 3 fish of which one was a nice 5+.
Francisco “Boogie” Segoviano (B) landed in seventh place with a 8.35 lb limit using black/blue senkos and jigs.  
Eighth place had Michael Chen (B) bring 8.21 lbs to the scales.  He used blades, watermelon senkos, and dropshotted Robos to find his fish.
Jeff Hawkins (B) finished in ninth place with 7.52 lbs tossing a buzzbait and senkos.
In tenth place, Kyle Mulhair (B) took 7.22 lbs to weigh-in.  He reported using Baby Bass Senkos and Brushogs to fool his fish.
Eleventh place found Rene Duzac (B) with 6.65 lbs.  Rene reported using Senkos, Chatterbaits, and a rattletrap to catch his limit.  Of course, Rene had to make the day interesting by spinning his prop (he thanked Moe for stopping to help) and jumping in the water half naked to get things fixed.  All joking aside, we’re glad things worked out.
Bob “Grandpa” Schmidt (NB) weighed in 6.36 lbs for twelfth and reported using buzzbaits and Senkos.
In thirteenth place was Sal Placencia (NB) with 6.22 lbs (who finally graced our presence again!).  He threw Beavers in shallow water for his quarry.
Tyler Linscott (NB) finished in fourteenth place with 5.84 lbs.  Senkos in black/blue were his weapons of choice.
Taking fifteenth place was Rick Marquardt (NB) weighing in 5.33 lbs.  He hooked his fish on Senkos and shad colored cranks.
Steve Irving (B) brought in 4.95 lbs good for sixteenth place.  He threw Ricos and Senkos for his fish.
Seventeenth place was Britt Brittain (NB) who weighed in 4.29 lbs.  His report mentioned blades and brushogs during his outing.
In eighteenth place was Jon Wagman (NB) who weighed in 3.83 lbs of fish throwing, junebug worms, a Sourpuss, and Speedtraps.
Lloyd Bebilone (NB) took nineteenth place by using black/blue Senkos and a buzzbait. 
John Fernandez (NB) finished in twentieth place with 3.13 lbs.  He caught his fish on craw colored cranks in deeper water.
Ron Shikashio (B) finished in twenty-first place with 2.50 lbs fooling fish with Sweet Beavers and ‘traps.
In twenty-second place, Glenn Hayashimoto (NB) took 1.98 lbs to weigh-in.  He reported throwing a “Swimming” Senko and LV-500s.
Our next meeting will be October 5th at IHOP starting at 7:30pm.  Since it will be a pick team event, make arrangements with someone to ensure a spot to fish Don Pedro on October 21st (PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE).   Also ahead of us is the Northern California Club Classic on October 14th where the BassBusters are sending our top 12 qualifying member to fish against 10 other clubs on the CA Delta.  As a reminder, if you can’t make the meeting and you plan to fish our next tournament (Don Pedro), let someone attending know so we don’t have any confusion during our launch draw.