Don Pedro 10/21/06 – Fleming Meadows  

The BassBusters headed to the Sierra Foothills to test their skills on Lake Don Pedro to fish the 10th tournament of 2006.  We had 11 boats for 21 anglers show for the draw team format and most, if not all, teams struggle to put keepers in the livewell.  Surface water temperatures were approximately 66-69 degrees.  Water was very clear in most places with around 15’ visibility in most areas of the lake. The weather started off cool at 50 with clear skies and reached near 80 by days end.  Bluebird skies, little to no wind, and fish waiting for the fall turnover to trigger their feed made the catching the toughest this tournament season.
First place went to Steve Irving (B) who dropshotted straight tail worms in north end of the lake, citing McArthur Cove as his location (not sure of the name since this is the writer’s first time here).  He targeted rock piles and found 5 fish to weigh-in a 7.22 lbs sack including a 2.66 lb largemouth that took Big Fish Honors and some cash.  Great work, Steve!

Second place honors went to Michael Chen (B), and prospective member, Tony with 6.21 lbs for 5 fish.  The used a combination of finesse techniques using 4” brown Senkos, 6” Aarons Magic and Oxblood straight tailed worms on darterheads and dropshot to fool their fish.  The team fished areas all over the lake targeting depths from 25’ to 40’ feet.
Third trophies went to Ryan Caldwell (B) and Miguel Villavencia (NB) who went deeper and deeper as the day progress.  At the end of the day, they fished up to 70’ of water using spooks, spoons, darterheads, and dropshotted plastics.  For their effort, they weighed in 5.42 lbs with a 2.59 lb “kicker” good for 2nd Big Fish.
Landing in fourth place were Don Snell (B) and Bob “Grandpa” Schmidt with 3.50 lbs for 3 fish.  The team employed ‘atomic shad’ colored plastics to catch their quarry.

In fifth place with 3.20 lbs for 3 fish were Jeff Hawkins (B) and Sal Placencia (NB).  The two dropshotted and ripped their way around the lake.  

 sixth place were Rene Duzac (B) and Adam Kern (NB) who employed ripping and dropshotting to catch 2 fish for 2.87 lbs.
Kyle Mulhair (B) and Jon Wagman (NB) landed in seventh place with 2 fish for 1.86 lbs.  They reported fishing the Narrows portion of the lake throwing dropshotted plastics.

Other teams that didn’t fare as well but got to enjoy the nice weather and time on the water were Francisco “Sego Boogie” Segoviano and his daughter, (PM) Richard Clark (B) and Henson Wong (NB), Robert Nelson (B) and Lloyd Bebilone (NB), and Mo Martinez (B) and Britt Brittain (NB).  Needless to say, the club experienced a tough bite causing many of the teams to run all over the lake trying to find a concentration of active keeper fish.  A lot of the members mentioned the water clarity, lack of wind, and blue bird skies making for a stingy Don Pedro.  I’d have to agree with all of the above! 
Our next meeting will be November 2nd at IHOP starting at 7:30pm.  As a reminder, if you can’t make it and you plan to fish our next tournament, Delta 2-day draw individual November 11 and 12, let someone know ahead of time whether you plan to fish and want to get into the Big Fish pool.  Our next meeting we will be voting for our 2007 officers.
Until next time, tight lines…