Pine Flat 3/11/06-3/12/06 – Pine Flat Resort  

BassBusters headed to Pine Flat to fish the 3nd tournament of 2006.  We had 12 boats for 23 anglers show for the draw individual format.  Water surface temperatures are approximately 52 - 55 degrees and clear.  The weather was a bit out of character with low temps dipping just below freezing to mid 50s for our highs.  On Friday night, we experienced some snow, on Saturday we had hail, on Sunday we had partly cloudy skies.  With all the curves mother nature threw at us, it was important to figure out the bite on those 2 day. 

First place, with 21.10 lbs, went to Calvin Walls and Michael Chen who fished a variety of plastics.  On day 1 the pair weighed in 6.96 lbs for 5 fish and weighed in a significantly better bag on Sunday with 14.14 lbs limit.  A nice comeback was mounted using Senkos in cinnamon black flake, Texas, splitshot and darthead Pleasant Special Robos on day 2.  On day 1, they also used Aarons Magic, and MM Roboworms, and brown on purple or brown on brown trailer ¼ to ½ oz jigs.  On day 1 the team fished the dam area and found most of the fish in deep water, 20-40 feet, with a few up shallow in 5-10.  On day 2, the quality bites were found shallower in 5-20 feet in the Sycamore Arm on grass/mud/rock banks with some irregular contour on them as the largemouth were starting to stage for the spawn.  Great job, gents.

Second place honors went to Ron Shikashio and Adam Kern who brought 17.90 lbs of fish over 2 days.  The weight was headed by Adam’s 3.47 lb largemouth good for Big Fish of the tournament.  They also found plastics on dropshot and dartheads successful.  Nice going, guys.

Our Third trophies went to the team of Rene Duzac and Eric Chikasuye who finished with 17.17 lbs.  The pair led after a 12+ lbs sack after day 1, but, found the bite to be tougher on day 2 and unfortunately, relinquished their lead.  Not all was lost, however.  Rene was rewarded 2nd Big Fish of the tournament with a 2.72 lb spotted bass that anchored their day 1 weight.  The two dartheaded and dropshotted green weenie Roboworms in 20-30 feet and also ripped Staycee 90s for their fish.  Good work, buds.

Landing in fourth place was Rashaun Woods and Spiro Stamos who finished with 14.74 lbs.  The duo were poised in 2nd place after Saturday’s weigh in, but, couldn’t get the fish to go on day 2.  Dartheading an “assortment” of colors in 10-30 feet of water was their report at the trophy presentations.  

In fifth place with 13.06 lbs was Xavier “Sego/Boogie” Segoviano and Lloyd Bebilone.  After reporting dropshotting 12” worms and spooks in 4 feet of water, they eventually revealed their techniques: deadsticking dropshotted Aarons Magic 4” worms in 20-30 feet and football brown jigs on points they fished.  On a side note, someone get Lloyd a nose clip deal for his snoring.  I heard it in the room downstairs.

Taking sixth place was Joe Costa and John Fernandez with 11.85 lbs.  The team ripped a few, threw salt/pepper and green spider grubs, and tossed  Carolina rigged.brushogs. for their bass.

John Neibel and Glen Hayashimoto weighed in 11.84 lbs for their 2 day weight good for seventh place.  The reported cranking a few fish with the Fat Free Shad and dartheading plastics during their tournament days on Pine Flat.
Landing eighth place were Kyle Mulhair and Mikey V. with 9.01 lbs. The two reported cranking 2 fish early in the morning followed up with dartheaded plastics later in the day.

Robert Nelson and guest finished in ninth place with 8.19 lbs finding their fish relating to areas with incoming water.  The pair utilized Senkos and Hula Grubs to boat their fish.

In tenth place, Mike Clark and Rick Marquardt brought 2.72 lbs to the scale.  Unfortunately, for them, the weather didn’t permit them to return to the scales on time on day 1, so they had to start from zero on day 2.  
In eleventh place were Ed Hawkins and Jeff Hawkins.  The team had boat problems costing them their weight, but, still found the fish while they were out on the water.

Also joining us was Mo, a prospective member, who I witnessed catching fish and spoke with him about enjoying his time on the water and with the club.  

Our next meeting will be April 6th at IHOP starting at 7:30pm.  Since the next meeting is so close to the April 8th Delta tournament, the partner drawings had been conducted while the club officers were at Pine Flat.  The pairings should appear on the website’s message board sometime soon. 

Until next time, tight lines…

May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it.  ~Irish Blessing