Clear Lake
6/3 – 6/4/2006 
2 Day Draw Individual and TOC

BassBusters of Santa Clara held its TOC and 6th tournament of the year, a two-day draw-individual event of the 2006 season at “The Bass Capital of the West”.  The 2005 TOC qualifiers (top 12) fished the Saturday to determine the TOC winners.  We stayed and launched from Konocti Vista Resort and Casino. Our tournament committee made arrangements with the hotel for a buffet that Saturday night where the TOC top 5 were announced and shortly following, our raffle which gave away tackle and gifts donated by Mel Cotton’s and Michael Clarke.  The BassBusters had 13 boats for 25 anglers show for the tournament in anticipation of big bags to bring to the scales.  Our tournament was greeted by sunny skies with air temps ranging from the 60’s to upper 80’s, water temperatures ranging from mid 60’s to low 70’s, and lastly, some breezy 10-20 mph winds.  

1Rene Duzac (B) 16.75
2Michael Chen (B)       14.37
3John Neibel (B)   12.43
4John Fernandez (NB)  11.81
5Rob Nelson (B)   10.94

In first place with 28.70 lbs and limits both days was John Neibel (B) who also took 3rd in the TOC on Day 1.  His fish came off weedbeds, tullies, and docks. He ran his boat north each morning to the weedbeds off of Lakeport throwing topwater and reaction baits.  Afterwards he went to the Keys and hookup with frogs and senkos.  He noted that the frog bite in particular was changing constantly with color seemingly making a difference as the fish changed moods.  Thanks to his ability to adapt and think like his quarry, John made for a successful 2 day win and taking home Big Fish pool money with a 5.76 lb hog.  It was also noted that John’s birthday had just past (Friday) and this was our clubs gift to him, letting him win.  Awesome job, John!

Rene Duzac (B) weighed 27.95 lbs dropshotting Aarons Magic Roboworms, throwing topwater Pop-R’s in ghost or clear colors, and cranking a LV500 from Lucky Craft to take second place after 2 days.  Rene was also awarded 1st for the 2005 TOC for his outstanding efforts on Saturday with a respectable 16.75 lbs.  He found his fish off docks in the north end of Clear Lake.  Great showing, Rene!

Ryan Caldwell (B) finished third place with a 26.03 lbs sack over the 2-day tournament.  He reported flipping heavy cover with 8” paddle-tail worms, Ikas, and Senkos.  I personally witnessed him fishing and diligently working the Keys.  Nice work, Ryan!

Tyler Linscott (NB) brought to the scales a respectable bag weighing in at 25.85 lbs landing him in fourth place.  He fished frogs and Senkos in Lakeport and the Keys.

In fifth place was Dennis Pachucki (B) who tossed 5” salt/pepper, watermelon/red Senkos and 6” purple Senkos in the north end working up to Rodman and in the south, in the Keys.  He weighed 23.63 lbs.

Calvin Walls (B) finished in sixth place flipping plastics, tossing blades, and working frogs for 21.93 lbs.  He reported fishing Rocky Point for his fish.

John Fernandez (NB) finished seventh with 21.20 lbs by working Rocky Point.  His fish came off blades and cranks.

Rob Nelson (B) brought in 20.79 lbs from the State Park and Soda Bay areas good for eighth place.  He reported his fish to be deep in the tullies, remarking that at times he’d have to start up the “big motor” to get back out.  He used black/red Senkos, a black spook, and dropshot during his 2 days on Clear Lake.

In ninth place, Spiro Stamos (B) brought forth his best efforts for 19.00 lbs.  He fished Rattlesnake and Anderson Islands using a variety of lures including jigs, cranks, and Senkos.

Michael Chen (B) took tenth place with 18.52 lbs.  He tossed watermelon/red and watermelon/black flake Senkos and Sweet Beavers amongst the docks in the Keys.

In eleventh place was Joe Heylen (NB) who weighed in 16.54 lbs.  He fished sparse tullies in State Park with blades and targeted docks in the Keys with watermelon/red, red/black flake 6” Senkos.

Landing in twelfth place Francisco “Sego” or “Boogie” Segoviano (NB) (try saying that fast 3 times) finished with 15.14 lbs.  He reported using lavender white crankbait and Senkos around Anderson and Rattlesnake Islands. 

Glenn Hayashimoto (NB) finished thirteenth place with 13.30 lbs using Robos and Senkos.

Adam Kern (NB) finished in fourteenth place with 12.80 lbs with black/blue flake Senkos.  Now that school’s out he can start focusing on fishing again!

Joe Alvarez (B) landed in fifteenth place throwing Senkos good for 12.03 lbs after weigh-in.  

Lloyd Bebilone (NB) weighed in 11.19 lbs to take sixteenth place.  He reported catching fish on frogs, spinnerbaits, and swimbaits.

In seventeenth place was Mike Clarke (B) with 10.57 lbs.  Of note, his biggest fish of 5.67 lbs cashed him in on the 2nd Big Fish pool money.  He used 6” Senkos for his bag.

Moe Martinez (B) took eighteenth place with 8.96 lbs.  He used black/blue flake Senkos and caught an impressive 6.58 lb bucketmouth.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to sign up for the Big Fish pool in time.

In nineteenth place was Ron Shikashio (B) who proudly announced that he used nothing by 9X series Senkos looking for that ‘Big Bite’.  His total weight was 8.67 lbs. 

Earning twentieth place was Kyle Mulhair (B) who brought to the scales a total of 8.33 lbs by dropshotting plastics.

Steve Irving (B) weighed in 7.60 lbs good for twenty-first place.  He reported using Senkos, worms, and the dropshot.

John Wagman (NB) took twenty-second place with 6.11 lbs using frogs and oxblood worms on the dropshot.

Mike “Mikey V” Villavencia finished twenty-third with 4.39 lbs using Senkos.

Rick Marquardt landed twenty-fourth with 3.36 lbs.  When asked how he did it, he responded “I don’t know how…”  Later to reveal he used Senkos and dropshot plastics.

Bob “Grandpa” Schmidt finished in twenty-fifth place with 2.47 lbs using purple and white plastics.

Once again our BassBusters had a safe and successful tournament.  For those who weren’t there, the club feasted on tasty a tri-tip steak, BBQ chicken, potato salad, baked beans, dinner rolls, and pie at the buffet spread put out by the folks at Konocti Vista Casino.  At the raffle, every member there took home something, in additions to a good laugh and fun times.  Once again congratulations to Rene Duzac on winning the 2005 TOC and to all the TOC qualifiers on qualifying for this great event.  Great job, John Neibel for holding it together for 2 days to win at Clear Lake for June 2006.  

Please remember, if you’re not going to be at the club meeting 7/6 , let someone know your intentions on whether you plan to fish the Delta Split Tournament (2 weigh-ins) on July 15th to avoid any confusion.  Also remember to mention if you want to be in the Big Fish pool, too, as for taking sign-ups for the pool at the ramp are too difficult to deal with while trying to get ready to launch.  It will be our 7th tournament of the year and it is a Draw Team format.  Hope to see you all at the next meeting.

Fishing is such great fun, I have often felt, that it really ought to be done in bed. -- John Voelker