CA Delta – 7/15/2006 Holland Riverside Marina  
Split Day Draw Team

BassBusters of Santa Clara held its 7th tourney of the year, a split day draw-team event of the 2006 season on the California Delta.  We held the event out of Holland Riverside Marina and had 12 boats for 24 anglers come and take part in the festivities.  Our tournament was greeted by sunny skies with air temps ranging from the 60’s at blastoff and reaching into the upper 90’s by midday, water temperatures ranging from mid 70’s to low 80’s, and wind from 5-15 mph.


In first place with 26.28 lbs and limits at both weigh-ins were Michael Chen (B) and Joe Heylen (NB).  In the morning, fish came off tullies, rock levees, and over submerged weeds in and around Connection Slough and Mildred Island.  For the first half, the team threw black and black/red buzzbaits and wacky-rigged black/blue, watermelon/red Senkos in both 5” and 6” sizes for a 19+ bag. In the PM, the 2 focused on the outside weed lines during the low tide for their second limit for 7 lbs.  For the afternoon portion, the anglers used rattletraps, Senkos, and spinnerbaits in Frank’s Tract and Sandmound Slough.  Also of note, Michael weighed in a 7.16 lb largemouth in the morning on a 5” wacky black/blue Senko which was good for 2nd Big Fish Honors and some spending money caught on.  Great work, team!

Francisco “Sego Boogie” Segoviano (B) and guest, Hector (NB), weighed 25.56 lbs for 9 fish.  The team threw Rico’s in bluegill patterns, buzzbaits, and Senkos to take second place.  Sego also took Big Fish of the tournament, a beautiful 7.67 lb largemouth that came on the topwater offering!  Way to go, guys!

Jeff Hawkins (B) and John Wagman (NB) finished third place with a 24.07 lbs total with 8 fish.  They reported running south to areas around Union Point throwing buzzbaits and Senkos in the morning.  In the afternoon, the team went south initially to find a zoo of boating activity and decided to fish Rock Slough instead.  Good thing, since the team weighed in 3 health fish for around 9 lbs using Roboworms Sour Puss.  Nice job, fellas!

Ron Shikashio (B) and John Fernandez (NB) brought to the scales a respectable bag weighing in a total of 10 fish at 19.80 lbs landing them in fourth place.  The duo fished spooks, and Pop-Rs in the morning followed by dropshotting, Senkos, and Sweet Beavers in the afternoon.

In fifth place were Michael Clark (B) and Sal Placencia (NB) with 9 fish total weighing in at 19.75 lbs.  The team fished Disappointment with frogs, crankbaits, and blades in the morning and Sweet Beavers in the afternoon.  (By the way, this was Sal’s first frog fish, good work, friend!)

Spiro Stamos (B) and Joe Costa (NB) finished in sixth place pitching Senkos, tossing blades and buzzbaits with 9 fish for a total of 21.93 lbs.  

Kyle Mulhair (B) and perspective member, Brit (NB), finished seventh with 16.73 lbs with 8 fish working topwater offerings in the morning and switching to the plastic (Sweet Beavers and brushogs) in the afternoon.

Calvin Walls (B)  and Adam Kern (NB) brought in 8 fish for 15.68 lbs from Rock Slough good for eighth place.  The team reported using buzzbaits, blades, crankbaits, Sweet Beavers, and brushogs.

In ninth place, Moe Martinez (B) and Lloyd Bebilone (NB) brought back 9 fish for 13.57 lbs.  The team utilized buzzbaits and Senkos.

Rob Nelson (B) and Bob “Grandpa” Schmidt (NB) took tenth place with 8 fish for 18.52 lbs.  The noted they used plastics primarily and found a custom poured 6” Grandpa Special worked best for them.  Where does he get these things?

In eleventh place were Rene Duzac (B) and Glenn Hayashimoto (NB) who weighed in 12.45 lbs.  Unfortunately, the team had to leave early to take care of some business and couldn’t join the club for the 2nd half.

Landing in twelfth place, Steve Irving (B) and Rick Marquardt (NB) finished with 12.37 lbs.  The 2 fished topwater including the Rico popper bait. 
Our next tournament is a pick-your-partner team night tournament at Clear Lake on August 12th.  If you haven’t done so already, pick up the phone, write an email, post on our message board, do anything, and make arrangements with another member (or guest) to fish this fun event.  If I remember correctly, a lot of big fish were brought in, and a bunch of teams weighed in 20+ lb bags!  Remember to signup for the Big Fish pool at our next meeting.  Taking sign-ups for the pool at the ramp is inconvenient with all the other activity near launch.  More importantly, this tournament will serve to be the cutoff for tournament points (deadline Aug 31) taken to qualify for the Northern California Club Classic (top 12: 6 boaters, 6 non-boaters).  Hope to see you all at the next meeting.

“Nothing grows faster than a fish from the time it bites until the time it gets away” - unknown