CA DELTA 4/8/06 – Holland Riverside Marina  

The BassBusters held its 4th tournament of the year at the renowned California Delta out of Holland Riverside Marina.  We had 14 boats for 28 anglers show for the draw individual.  The Delta didn’t disappoint as our members brought in 102 fish for an outstanding 260+ lbs of bass!  The river system had been putting on some great fishing and we were fortunate to sample a portion of its potential as the bass began their springtime rituals and were found in pre-spawn and spawn modes.  The river water was described as mostly muddy with some areas with better clarity. The weather started off cool in the mid 50s with partly cloudy skies but reached into the 60s as the cloud cover burned off and gave way to sunshine.  Winds were minimal at blastoff and remained pretty calm for us this day.  

First place distinctions went to Xavier “Sego/Boogie” Segoviano (B) who flipped and pitched 6” motor oil w/red flake Senkos and tossed black spinnerbaits.   Sego reported finding bedding bass in and around Rock Slough.  He brought a limit of fish weighing in at 21.41 lbs.  Awesome job, Sego!

Second place honors went to Michael Clark (B).  He used 6” black Senkos in the Sugar Barge and Holland Tract areas.  His limit weighed in at 18.96 lbs.  Right on, Mike!

Our third trophy went to Calvin Walls (B) who threw a white spinnerbait with gold blades and 7” black/red Senkos to bring an 18.12 lb limit to the scales.

Landing in fourth place was Michael Chen (NB) with 17.88 lbs.  He found his success with wacky-rigged 6” watermelon w/black flake Senkos on the inside of weed lines and tossing a black buzzbait fishing the Rock Slough area.  

In fifth place with 16.50 lbs was Rene Duzac (B) who employed spinnerbaits and watermelon w/red flake Senkos.

Taking sixth place was Mike Villavencia (NB) with 14.75 lbs.  He reported using purple jigs with a black craw trailer and purple and black Senkos.  He gave an account for his biggest fish which came on less conventional methods, that is, snagging tulles, then pulling it unstuck have it fly over your head into deep water, backlash, pick out the backlash, and have a 5+ pounder waiting on the end.  Great story, Mikey!  It gave us all a good laugh.

Joe Alvarez (B) landed in seventh place with a 12.42 lb limit.  

Eighth place had Dennis Pachucki (B) bring 11.82 lbs to the scales.  He used Magic Craw colored Dominators.

Kyle Mulhair (B) finished in ninth place with 10.68 lbs tossing pumpkinseed w/chartreuse tail Senkos.

In tenth place, John Neibel (B) took 10.62 lbs to weigh-in.  He reported throwing rootbeer colored Senkos.

Eleventh place found Joe Heylen (NB) with 10.56 lbs.  Joe reported using 7” black w/blue flake Senkos.

Ed Hawkins (B) weighed in 10.39 lbs for twelfth and was awarded $80 for 2nd Big Fish or the tournament that weighed 8.67 lbs!  He used swimbaits and a watermelon w/red flake Sweet Beaver (big fish bait which his brother, Jeff, put him on to)

Ron Shikashio (B) finished in thirteenth place with 10.08 lbs.  Senkos and Roboworms were his plastics of choice.

In fourteenth place was Ryan Caldwell (B) with 10.04 lbs.  He threw a red rattletrap all day long for his fish.

Taking fifteenth place was Rene Labrado (B) weighing in 2 fish for 9.96 lbs.  Luckily for him 1 of the 2 fish weighed in at 8.90 lbs and got him the Big Fish trophy and $120 spending money!  He hooked his fish on purple Senkos.

Moe Martinez (B) brought in 8.83 lbs good for sixteenth place.  He T-rigged and wacky-rigged Senkos in a variety of colors for his fish in the Rock Slough area.

Seventeenth place was John Wagman (NB) who weighed in 8.74 lbs.  His report mentioned rootbeer w/red and gold flake, baby bass, and plum w/green flake Senkos were the ticket.

In eighteenth place was Tyler Linscott (NB) who bagged 7.92 lbs of fish throwing Senkos, Sweet Beavers, and spinnerbaits.

John Fernandez (NB) took nineteenth place with 6.50 lbs.  He reported cranking and using rootbeer Senkos. 

Viet Pham (NB) finished in twentieth place with 6.11 lbs.  He caught his fish on 7” watermelon w/red flake Senkos.
Henson Wong (NB) finished in twenty-first place with 5.40 lbs fooling fish with swimbaits and Senkos.

In twenty-second place, Steve Irving (NB) took 4.73 lbs to weigh-in.  He reported throwing watermelon w/red flake Senkos.

Twenty-third place found Rick Marquardt (NB) with 3.02 lbs.  Rick reported using craw and shad colored rattletrap baits.

Adam Kern (NB) weighed in 2.77 lbs for twenty-fourth.  

Lloyd Bebilone (NB) finished in twenty-fifth place with 1.67 lbs using T-rigged Super Hogs.

In twenty-sixth place was Sal Placencia (NB) with 1.61 lbs.  

Twenty-seventh place found Spiro Stamos (B) with 1.43 lbs.  Spiro reported caught his fish on a white spinnerbait with 13 minutes left in the tournament.  Of note, this was Spiro’s first trip out in his new boat with the club.  The transition from non-boater to boater was reportedly tough, yet, rewarding nonetheless.

Glenn Hayashimoto (NB) weighed in 1.14 lbs for twenty-eighth place using wacky-rigged purple Senkos.

Our next meeting will be May 4th at IHOP starting at 7:30pm.  Since it will be a pick team event, make arrangements with another member to ensure a spot to fish Lake Shasta on May 6th & 7th.  As a reminder, if you can’t make it and you plan to fish our next tournament, let someone know ahead of time whether you plan to fish.  Our club has reserved rooms at Fawndale Lodge & RV Resort, who by the way, have been making some nice changes and additions to the resort since last year.  When making your reservations, remember to mention BassBusters or John Neibel’s name so they’ll know who you’re with.

Until next time, tight lines…