Santa Clara Bass Busters held its 9th tournament of the year at Lake Berryessa September 17, 2005.  The Bass Busters had 12 boats for 24 anglers show for the draw individual format.   Water temperatures had dropped over the last couple weeks prior from 80s to mid 70s around the lake.  Weather temperatures leading up to the tournament were cooler than usual for this time of year.  At blast-off, the air temp started at 53 degrees and sunny skies with temps rising to the low 80s during the day.  Winds were light up to 10 mph and water temps ranged from 72-76 with a full moon the night prior.  All these variables probably had the fish wondering, as much as I was, what should I do?  Answers below.

First place honors went to Calvin Walls.  He had pre-fished the lake a week prior finding the larger fish in shallow water hitting buzzbaits and blades.  He found that casting next to standing trees and other structure next to the bank was the key to the bigger bites.  With plan in hand, his pattern during the tournament for the larger fish paid off with him taking Big Fish with a 3.95 lb largemouth.  Ultimately he weighed in a 5 fish limit for 9.30 lbs earning him a trophy and congratulations from the club.  

In second place was Robert Nelson who weighed 5 fish for 6.87 lbs.  He found his fish ripping a Lucky Craft Bevy Shad, dropshotting a 6” red shad roboworm in 40-50 feet of water.  The man is on a streak as he had taken first last month at Clear Lake.

Taking third place with 6.13lbs and a limit was Jeff Hawkins.  In his bag he found the 2nd Big Fish of the tournament with a 2.62 bass.  He attributes his success to the dropshotting a Margarita Mutilator worm.  

Fourth place went to a perspective member, Ron.   He weighed in 5 fish for 5.15 lbs by dropshotting his bass.  Good job, Ron.

In fifth place was another perspective member, Hensen.  His fish were found in 30+ feet of water off rocky points.  He also weighed a limit for 4.9 lbs.  Geez these new guys can fish. 

John Fernandez took sixth place after weighing in 3 fish for 4.24 lbs.  He looked for his fish in 20-45 feet and dragging a baby bluegill worm.

Our third perspective member, Adam, landed seventh place with 3.73 lbs for 3 fish.  He chose to Carolina rig a lizard to catch his bass.  Nice work, Adam.

Finishing eighth place was Francisco “Sego” Segoviano who weighed in 3 bass for 3.73lbs.  He told the club he threw spoons on humps in 4 feet of water, but, later confessed to dropshotting.  

In ninth place was John Neibel who weighed 2 fish for 3.14 lbs.  He caught his on a green pumpkin jig in 15-30 feet of water.  Also of note was a 8+ lbs channel cat falling for the same jig and had him thinking Big Fish and some green, but, I digress.

Grabbing tenth place was Spiro Stamos who weighed in 2 fish for 3.04 lbs.  He chose to “mooch” (can’t he just say ‘dropshot’) a hologram shad roboworm in 50’ of water.

In eleventh place, another invited guest, Ray, brought to the scales 3 fish for 3.03 lbs.  Alright, Ray!

Landing in twelfth place was Tyler Linscott who finished with 2 fish for 2.8 lbs.  He along with Calvin fished buzzbaits and spinnerbaits.

Michael Chen weighed 2 fish for 2.08 lbs and snatching thirteenth place away with a larger big fish.  He used a green pumpkin jig in 15-30 feet of water.

Ed Hawkins also weighed in 2 fish for 2.08 lbs and ended up in fourteenth place. He dropshotted Margarita Mutilator worms to get his bass.

In fifteenth place was Joe Haylen who weighed in 1 fish for 1.83 lbs.  He dropshotted morning dawn worms.

In sixteenth place was Mike Clarke with 1 fish for 1.71 lbs.  He complained that his technique found the ‘little peckers’ on the lake.  His quips always provide us with a good laugh.  

For seventeenth place was perspective member, Ryan, who brought 1 fish for 1.25 lbs to the weigh-in.  He also dropshotted roboworms for his fish.

In eighteenth place was much missed, Rene Labrado, who had been missing in action for awhile, but didn’t forget how to catch a fish.  1 fish for 1.24 on a Lucky Craft quote “wiggle bait”.  Hmmm, maybe hanging out with the club more would polish his tackle lingo?  Just kidding. Great to have you back, Rene.

In nineteenth place was Sal Placencia who weighed in 1 for 1.00 lbs.  He dropshotted 4” worms to get his bass on.

Tied for twentieth place were Joe Costa, Rick Marquardt, Joe Alvarez, Steve Irving and Glenn H. 

Our next tournament is a draw team format at “Lake X” (TBD) on October 15th.  Remember, if you’re not going to be at the club meeting, let someone know your intentions on whether you plan to fish the upcoming club tournament to avoid any unnecessary confusion.  It will be our 10th tournament of the year and sure to be a good one.  Till next time, tight lines.

Quote of the month:
If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. --Doug Larson

Big Fish  
1st Calvin Walls3.95
2ndJeff Hawkins2.62
Berressa Lake 2005