Santa Clara Bass Busters held its 10th tournament of the year on “Lake X” on October 15th, 2005. Originally scheduled to take place on Lake Sonoma, the tournament committee decided to change locations due to problems with obtaining a tournament permit from Lake Sonoma, as well as, the additional fee the Bureau of Reclamation.  The location of “Lake X” wound up being the California Delta where the BassBusters gathered at Russo’s Marina for the October event.  The BassBusters had 11 boats for 22 anglers show for the draw team format.   

First place honors went Calvin Walls and guest.  His first fish came on a Revenge red and black buzzbait in the first 15 minutes which went 10.80 at the scales, good for Big Fish of the tournament and the entire year!  He and his partner went on and stuck more fish and brought in a limit for 20.50 lbs.  Calvin reported at the weigh-in that he had no idea where he fished (yeah right) but did mention that deep water edges using Senkos, Sweet Beavers, and brown spinnerbaits helped a little.  This is Calvin’s 2nd win in a row.  Great work, fellas.

In second place was the team of Francisco “Sego” Segoviano and Sal Placencia who weighed a limit of fish for 17.13 lbs.  As usual, “Sego” went outside his box dropshotting the dam for his success.  In reality, the team flipped and pitched Sweet Beavers in the tullies and weed pockets.  Sal anchored their bag with a 6.60 lb largemouth and took 2nd Big Fish honors.  Nice job guys.

Taking third place with 12.30 lbs were Rene Labrado and Spiro Stamos.  They targeted tullies and worked their way from the main river to White’s Slough and back.  Their first fish was a 3.5 lber on a spinnerbait and subsequent fish came cranking, throwing Senkos, and then everything they had on board.  I guess Spiro carries all that tackle for a reason.  Good going, gents. 

Fourth place went to a Ryan Caldwell and Mike Villavicencia.   Their weight went 11.04 lbs.  They employed topwater and cranked outside weedlines between Taylor and Holland Tract.

Rashaun Woods and Joe Alvarez went far to get their spots to grab fifth place.  They were seen going past Tracy and found using Baby Brushogs and red crankbaits were the key to their day.  They weighed in 8.90lbs.

The team of Dennis Pachucki and Tyler Linscott took sixth place weighing in 8.30 lbs for their bag.  They reported using crankbaits and RI’s Dominator worms in Dennis’ “honey holes” in Frank’s Tract and Discovery Bay.

Seventh place with 5.80 lbs went to Rene Duzac and Lloyd Bebilone.  They chose to thrown the everything they had including the kitchen sink.  

Finishing eighth place by a hundredth of a pound were Michael “Gator” Benjamin and our newest member, Adam who weighed in 5.01 lbs.  According to my source, they “fished up front”.  I’m not sure what this means, but, hey that’s what I was told.  

In ninth place was Rob Nelson and Joe Heylen who weighed in 5.00 lbs.  They used Rattletraps and RI’s Big Unit and Sweet Beavers targeting tullies.

Grabbing tenth place were Jeff Hawkins and John Fernandez who weighed in a fish for 1.10 lbs.  According to John, Jeff chose to power fish by running into the fish with the boat.  But seriously, they just “got lucky” catching theirs (by conventional fishing methods).  

In eleventh place were Steve Irving and our other newest member, Hensen.  The two reported having a good time, but, couldn’t find a keeper to bring in.  

Our next tournament is a 2-day individual draw format at the California Delta out of Ladd’s Marina on November 12 and 13th.  The launch order will be:

1.  Rene L./Joe H.
2.  Rashaun Woods/John F.
3.  Calvin/Tyler
4.  Sego/Adam
5.  Rene D/Spiro
6.  Rob N./TBD
7.  Ron/Sal
8.  Ed/TBD
9.  Mike Clarke/Lloyd

I’d like to thanks Rob Nelson and Spiro Stamos for helping take down the tournament results and summarizing how the fishing went so that this newsletter was possible.  Also look to see how the first NCCC (Northern California Club Classic) went by following the link on the website.  Until next time, tight lines.

Quote of the month:
“The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad.”  ~A.K. Best

Big Fish  
1st Calvin Walls      10.80
2ndSal Placencia    6.60
California Delta 2005