Santa Clara Bass Busters held its 7th tournament of the year, a two-day pick-your-partner team event of the 2005 season on the California Delta launching from Holland on July 9th.  The Bass Busters had 8 ½ (9) boats for 17 anglers show for the split tournament.  We were met with sunny skies with temps ranging from 65 at launch to mid to high 80s by the afternoon and winds ranging from 10-20 mph.  Water temps ranged from 75-78 which brought out the pleasure boaters and skiers who many of us had to contend with. 

In first place with 21.18 lbs was the team of John Fontana and Eric Chikasuye.  They fished Frank’s Tract, Union Pt., Old River, and around Victoria Island flipping 6” Senkos in the black and watermelon with red flake.  The looked for tulles with surrounding rocky structure to find their better fish.  John found a 7.64 lb kicker that he brought to the scales during our first weigh-in and was good for Big Fish honors and biggest fish so far this season.  Way to go John!  See his photo in our Photos Gallery – ‘Woppers’ and ‘Club Pics’ pages.

The team of Xavier ‘Sego’ Segoviano and Lloyd Bebilone finished in second place after weighing in 19.70 lbs.  Sego brought in the 2nd Big Fish of the tournament with a 4.88 lb largemouth.  They attributes their success to fishing Senkos, spinnerbaits, Sweet Beavers, Speedtraps, and buzzbaits.

Mike ‘Gator’ Benjamin and ‘Mikey’ Villavicencia took third place with 18.58 lbs.  They ran through bags of Senkos and Tiki Sticks in watermelon to bag their fish. The focused on areas with moving water and structure.

Taking fourth place was the team of Spiro Stamos and John Fernandez with a combined weight of 16.88 lbs.  They found their buzzbaits and popper topwater offerings working well in the morning and switching to motoroil/red flake Senkos in the afternoon.

In fifth place was Sal Placencia who captained the ‘½’ boat.  He fished out of a cleverly rigged kickboat equipped with a nifty livewell to keep 13.76 lbs of bass alive.  His biggest fish was good enough for 2nd Big Fish, but, alas he didn’t sign up!  I doubt he’ll skip out on Big Fish pool next time around.  Great job, Sal! I don’t know many others who could have survived all day on the Delta fighting the current and wind on a kickboat and manage such a fine weigh-in.

Jeff Hawkins and Tyler Linscott finished in sixth place using buzzbaits, Senkos, Sweet Beavers, and dropshotting to bring in 13.70 lbs
Dennis Pachucki and Joe Haylen grabbed seventh place with 10.70 lbs by tossing Senkos, jigs, Dominators in and around Holland Cut.

Finishing eighth place was the team of Rob Nelson and Michael Chen who brought in 9.98 lbs.  They used Senko, Sweet Beavers, and black buzzbaits to catch their fish.  The morning was full of action when the tides were up, but, found it tough going in the afternoon during low tide.  Lesson learned, got to put in the time if you want to learn this amazing fishery.

In ninth place with 4.66 lbs were Mike Clarke and Rick Marquardt who took out Mike’s brand spanking new Triton on its inaugural Bass Buster’s tournament.  They threw Speedtraps outside of weedlines in and around Disapointment’s and Mildred’s for their fish.

Another successful and fantastic tournament in the books.  Our members all had a great time and our fish were all returned in good health to the water.  Our next tournament is a night tournament at Clear Lake.  It’s a pick-your-partner team event so make arrangements prior to our next meeting if you plan to participate.  Also remember, if you’re not going to be at the club meeting, let someone know your intentions on whether you plan to fish our club tournaments avoid any unnecessary confusion.  It will be our 8th tournament of the year and from what I understand the bigger fish like to come out at night.  Hope to see you at the next meeting.

Big Fish
1st John Fontana7.64lbs.
2ndSego            4.88lbs.
California Delta 2005