The Bass Busters held its second tournament of the year, a one-day event of the 2005 season, at Lake Camanche. This was Bass Busters second time to the lake in recent years. The weather for the day started off crystal clear which would have probably shut down the fish, but the weather was still unsettled. It quickly changed and there were winds probably up to 20 and 30 MPH. By the end of the tournament day it was a torrential downpour. The water temperature was between 50 and 55 degrees all day, and if the weather didn’t change, would have warmed up a few more degrees (spring is almost here!). The Bass Busters fielded 22 anglers or 11 teams and, so far, its one of our best turnouts. This is a great sign for our club and it looks like we are on our way back to better numbers all around.

By the end of the day Saturday we weighed in 46 fish for a total of 96.52 pounds and an average weight of 2.1 lbs. per fish. It was not an easy fishing day for most, but those that were able to locate the fish came in with some great weights. There were 4 limits out of the 11 teams.

Camanche proved that it can hold some nice fish, and with driving distance at only about two hours and fifteen minutes on average, it may be a place we will need to return to next year. Next year though, I think every tackle box will have at least 1 Lucky Craft Stacey 90, as you will see from the results.

One last note. When you’re cruising along and the water starts to look like land and your GPS is telling you that it’s land, THEN IT PROBABLY IS LAND.

First Place for the tournament was Ryan Caldwell and Michael Chen. Ryan and Michael weighed in 7 fish for a total of 19.46 lbs. Ryan had the second big fish for the tournament at 4.18 lbs. and went home with $60 from the Big Fish Pool. Ryan and Michael said they used tubes and dropshot Margarita Mutilator Roboworms for their fish and were fishing humps in the main lake around 20 – 25 feet.

Second Place was taken by John Neibel and Spiro Stamos. They weighed 7 fish for a total of 15.24 lbs. John and Spiro caught their fish primarily on Bill Dance White Fat Free Shad crankbaits and plain cinnamon jigs in 15-25 feet of water.

Third Place honors went to Henry Silva and Eric Marquardt. They had another 7 fish limit for 13.96 lbs. Henry and Eric caught their fish in 2 feet of water on dropshot rigs with Roboworm Oxblood, Margarita Mutilator, and Purple Weenie worms and a Lucky Craft Stacey 90.

Coming in Fourth Place was Mike Clark and Joe Heylen. Their 7 fish limit weighed 12.28 lbs. They pulled all of their fish on a dropshot rig using Oxblood, Margarita Mutilator, and Purple Weenie Roboworms in 20 feet of water on a small 30 yard stretch of bank. They fished one area to catch over 10 fish and cull within the first few hours of the day, but were unable to put any kicker fish in the boat to help them over the top

Fifth Place was René Labrado and Dennis Pachucki they weighed in 4 fish for 11.88 lbs. Dennis said they caught their keepers on a Luckycraft Stacey ripbait and River 2 Sea crawdads.  René is a sort of perspective member and once he makes a couple of meetings can be voted into the club. He also caught the big fish for the tournament at 4.28 lbs. and went home with $90 from the Big Fish Pool.  Great to have you at Camanche René!

Dropping into Sixth Place was the team of René Duzac and Scott Seggermann. They had 5 fish for a total of 8.32 lbs. René and Scott said they struggled most of the day picking up a bite here and there for their fish. They used a combination of dropshot (Aarons Magic and Folkestad Roboworms) and of course the Lucky Craft Stacey 90.

After a “rough” start for the day, Joe Costa and Jack Swindlehurst managed to take Seventh place with 4 fish for 7.16 lbs.  Joe and Jack caught their fish ripping Luckycraft Stacey 90’s in 20-30 feet of water along rock walls.

Coming in Eighth place were the team of Rashaun Woods and John Fernandez.  Rashaun and John weighed in 2 fish for 3.76 lbs.  They caught their fish on a watermelon with red flake spider jig in 20-25 feet of water.

Ninth place was taken by the team of Steve Irving and Calvin Walls.  Steve and Calvin weighed in 2 fish for 3.16 lbs.  Their fish were caught by splitshotting Roboworm Margarita Mutilator and Aarons Magic worms.

In Tenth place was the team of Sego Segoviano and Tyler Linscott.  Sego and Tyler had 1 fish for 1.3 lbs. caught on a buzzbait in 70 feet of water.

Our next tournament is at Pine Flat Lake on March 19th and 20th.

Camanche Big Fish 2005

1stRene Labrado4.28 lbs.$90 Payout
2ndRyan Caldwell4.18 lbs. $60 Payout

Lake Camanche 2005