The Bass Busters of Santa Clara County held the first tournament for 2003 on the Delta on January 11.  The format was a team tournament with a 7 fish limit.  There was a good turnout of 9 boats and 18 anglers.  The morning was cool and the fog was present but not thick on the water.  Blast off took place at 7:05am.  Water temperature was in the 49 - 50 degree range.  Results for the day proved recent fishing reports were accurate; members were anticipating a tough bite.  Three boats blanked and several anglers reported never getting a bite.  No boat came in with the 7 fish limit.   Eighteen anglers brought in a total of 17 fish with a weight of 33.22 lbs (1.95 lb average).
   First place went to John Fontana and Eric Chikasuye with 5 fish for a total of 12.30 lbs with Eric's big fish of the tournament 5.90 lbs.  Eric hooked the big fish in Discovery Bay on a red speed trap.  John manned the net but Eric told John he didn't need it because "it was a little one".  Fortunately, John kept to the net and both were surprised to see the "keeper" bass.  They landed another bass on a crank bait in disco bay and then got the three others on watermelon w/red fleck senkos in the back of sloughs and coves.  Congratulations John and Eric on a solid first place win.
   Eric Smith and Gary Resz placed 2nd with a 4 fish limit for 6.32 lbs.  Eric and Gary concentrated their efforts in Rock Slough and Sand Mound.  Their fish came on white fat free shad and one on a tiger crank bait.  Great job Gary and Eric.  
   Third place went to John Neibel and Steve Irving with a 3 fish total weight of 5.32 lbs.   Their fish came from Whisky Slough with pumpkin w/red flake and black w/red flake senkos.  They got their fish from shallow water.  John landed a nice 3.10 lb bucket mouth to top their weight.
   Rene Duzac and Jeff Hawkins finished in fourth place with 3 fish totaling 3.44 lbs.  They got their fish in different areas, from Fisherman's Cut to Union Point.  Their fish were shallow and they tricked them with sapphire w/red fleck senkos.  Jeff made the day interesting by testing the water temperature.  Was the water really 49 degrees?   And fisherman, the SOSpenders really work!  Good job Rene and Jeff.
   Henry Silva and Dennis Pachucki finished in fifth with one fish for 3.40 lbs.  Henry  pulled this fish from a shallow rock bank with a white speed trap. Francisco Segoviano and Charlie Hazelip landed a 2.44 lb largemouth to finish in sixth place Sego got his fish on a june bug chartreuse reaper in shallow water.  
   February's tournament will be held at Lake Berryessa on the 8th.  This is a draw tournament and is individual format.   People interested in joining the club should attend our next meeting at IHOP in Cupertino on Stevens Creek Blvd.  The club meets at 7:30 pm on the first Thursday of the month (February 6th).  

Good hook sets to all and  SAFE Boating!  

Delta 2003