The Bass Busters of Santa Clara County held the October Tournament on the 11th out of Flemming Meadows on Lake Don Pedro.  We had another good turn out with 10 of the eleven boats scheduled to launch.   This was a team pick your partner format tournament.  It was a beautiful warm day with a light breeze and not that much boating traffic, perfect conditions weather wise and for lake traffic.  Most fishermen were expecting a tough bite, but I don't think anyone was expecting to be as tough as it was!   For twenty fishermen, only 17 bass were weighed in with a total weight of 24.26lbs, for a 1.43 lb average.  

Congratulations to the brother team of Ed Hawkins and Jeff Hawkins who captured first place with 6 fish for 11.36 lbs.  The Hawkins Team also took the big fish tournament with Jeff's fish of 4.16 lbs.  The big fish came after Ed tossed a popper into the timber three times and no action.  Jeff decided to see if his spook would make a difference and after just a couple of twitches, the big fish blew up on it.  The balance of their fish came on Aaron’s Magic Baby Bass drop shotting in 15 – 25 foot of water.  Way to go guys on a great win!

Second place was captured by a 7 fish limit for 8.20 lbs by John Neibel and Dennis 
Pachuki.  John and Dennis used a Carolina rigged watermelon lizard dragged in the 25 – 30 foot depth range.

Kyle Mulhair and Spiro , a prospective new member capture 3rd with 2 fish for 2.65 lbs.  Early in the morning, Kyle lost two nice fish and was worried they blew their chances for points, but kept to his pattern of drop shotting bridge pilings.  The pair did pick up the pair latter in the morning.  The fish were picked up suspended on the walls in 50 – 60 foot of water.  Spiro had an exciting moment in the early afternoon while fishing the same pattern.  Both Kyle and Spiro thought he hooked into a nice bass but unfortunately, the fish turned out to be a 3lb kokanee.  Way to go Spiro and Kyle!

Fourth was captured by Rene Duzac and Joe Heylan with one fish for 1.17 lbs.  The fish came of a green weenie worm drop shot in 30 ft of water.  Good finish Rene and Joe.

Capturing 5th was Henry Silva and John Fernandez with 1.02 lb bass caught drop shotting a morning dawn worm.  

Everyone is glad that lake is behind us and I bet it isn’t on the schedule next year.  Everyone is looking forward to the last tournament of the year on the Delta out of Holland on the 15th and 16th of November.  The format is a draw individual tournament to finish out the year.  Should be fun and interesting!  

You need to show up to the club meeting at the IHOP's in Cupertino on Steven's Creek Blvd near the 280 ramp if you're interested in joining the club.  The meeting is held on the first Thursday of the month (November 6th).  See you all there!  Safe boating and good hook sets to all.