The Bass Busters of Santa Clara County held the 5th tournament of the year at Lake Shasta May 17 and 18th.  This was a pick your partner, individual tournament.  The weather finally cooperated a bit.  It was very windy, but at least there was not rain.  We had a nice turnout with 12 boats scheduled.  One boater didn't make it and we are all hoping for the best for Johnny.   Eleven boats and 21 fishermen enjoyed the beautiful lake and fine fishing with an official total of 173 fish and 222.32 lbs (1.29 lb average).  Big fish for the tournament was a 7.34lb spotted bass caught by John Neibel.

John Neibel place first with an impressive 26.10 lb two day limit of 10 fish including the first and second big fish of 7.34 lbs and 4.08 lbs.  John's first day limit of 15.36 lbs put him solidly in the first place position and the second day limit of 10.74 secured the win.  John caught his fish on spooks early in the morning and dart heading, drop shotting brown and white plastic up in the Sacramento arm near Antlers.  This was an impressive win as it was over 10.1 lbs ahead of second place.  Congratulations John!

Second place went to Bob Schmidt (Grandpa's Baits) with 15.96 lbs who also had a 10 fish limit for two days.  Bob used his own baits in witchcraft color to take the second place finish.  Way to go Bob!

Henry Silva captured third with a two day 10 fish limit of 14.86 lbs.  Henry's big fish of 2.44lbs came on the first day.  He caught his fish drop shotting in 10 foot of water.  Nice finish Henry.

Forth went to Joe Haylen who fished with first place winner John Neibel.  Joe managed a 10 fish limit also for a total of 14.42 lbs.  Joe used the same strategy with spooks in the morning and dart heading and drop shot brown and white plastic worms most of the rest of the day.  Great job Joe!

Joe Costa got 5th place with a 14.28 lb. 10 fish limit.  Joe's primary success came off dead sticking Pumpkin w/ Green flake Senkos in cover close to the shore. Also drop shotting chart. 4 ½” worms in 15 feet of water. Good fishing Joe!

6th place went to Steve Irving and his 10 fish limit was 13.68 lbs.  Steve cranked a number of his fish with a fat free shad on the main body of the Pit River arm.  Steve also caught fish on a split shot rig with red worms.  Good job Steve!

7th went to Jeff Hawkins and 8th went to his brother Ed Hawkins.  The two brothers fished together in the Sacramento arm.  Jeff managed a 10 fish limit of 12.92 lbs and Ed also had a 10 fish limit at 12.5 lbs.  They caught their early fish on top water, using spooks.  Split shot and drop shot worked well also using green Aron's Magic and green weenies.  Nice fishing Jeff and Ed!

Sego captured 9th with a 10 fish limit at 11.66 lbs.  Sego managed his fish with just about every technique: top water, ripping, spinner bait, and drop shot.  Way to go Sego!

Rounding out the top ten was prospective new member Danny Dempsey.  Danny's 10 fish weighed 11.54 lbs.  His pattern was found pre-fishing with winner John on Thursday and Friday.  Danny used senko's in salt and pepper and drop shot Aron's Magic worms.  Great first showing Danny!

Balance of the field:

11thJoe Aichroth         11.18 lbs
12thDave Devinny        9.94 lbs
13thEric Chikasuye     9.06 lbs
14thMike Clark           8.86 lbs
15thJohn Fernandez    8.08 lbs
16th Kyle Mulhair        7.62 lbs (7.10 DQ'd on Saturday for being late)
17thSteve Lobrovich    7.12 lbs
18thRick Marquardt     5.66 lbs
19thRobert Nelson      4.92 lbs (2.90 DQ'd Saturday also – sorry Robert!)
20thBob Asher           2.72 lbs

Next months tournament is at New Melones on June 21 and 22.  The format is a draw, individual tournament.  This is also the TOC for 2002.