The Bass Busters of Santa Clara County held the June tournament and the TOC at Lake New Melones on June 21 and 22.  Saturday, the guys who finished in the top twenty for 2002 fished for Tournament of Champions (TOC) and their fish carried over to Sunday for the June 2003 two day event.  This tournament was an individual draw format.   Eight boats and 16 fishermen ventured out.  The weather was nothing short of perfect, only a slight wind on Saturday and almost dead calm on Sunday with the temperature in the low 80’s.    A total of 104 fish were weighed in with a weight of 142.66 lbs.(1.37 lb average).

TOC Results

Congratulations to John Neibel who won the TOC with 5 fish of 10.02 lbs with a big fish of 2.34 lbs.  Besides the TOC 1st place plaque, John also won a rod and reel.  

2ndFrancisco Segoviano7.78 lbs
3rdKyle Mulhair7.58 lbs 
4thHenrySilva7.52 lbs
5thEd Hawkins5.86 lbs

JUNE Results

Congratulations to Sego for his first place win.  Sego brought in limits both days and his 10 fish limit was 15.04 lbs (7.78 lbs on Saturday and 7.26 lbs on Sunday).  Sego used Sammy’s and brown drop shot worms to entice the fish into striking.  

Kyle Mulhair finished 2nd with a 9 fish limit for both days of 14.40 lbs (7.58 lbs – Saturday and 6.82 lbs Sunday).  Kyle used a number of different color worms drop shotting with a brown and green worm catching bigger and more fish.  He used a top water to land his big fish of 2.26 lbs.  Good job Kyle!

Third place went to Henry Silva with a 10 fish limit of 12.90 lbs (7.52 lbs – Saturday and 5.38 lbs Sunday).  Henry caught fish on top water Zara Spooks and drop shot Yamamoto grubs. 

John Neibel captured 4th with a 7 fish limit for 11.74 lbs.  John’s fish came “up the river” using brown jigs.

5th went to John Fernandez from a 10.80 lb catch of 8 fish.  John enticed a couple of fish with spooks in the early morning and then drop shotting as the day wore on.

Big fish honors went to Danny Dempsey with a beautiful 5.24 lb spot.  The fish was caught early Saturday morning on top water spook.  Nice fish Danny!

Second big fish went to Joe Costa with another nice spot of 3.26 lbs.  Joe’s big fish came cranking.

Rounding out the rest of the field:

6th place  Joe Heylan5 fish10.16 lbs   splash top water/drop shot
7th place  Ed Hawkins10 fish10.00 lbs   top water/morning dawn
8th place  Joe Costa8 fish9.36 lbs   spooks/crank/drop shot
9th place  Danny Dempsey4 fish8.1 lbs   spooks
10th placeRene Duzac6 fish8.06 lbs   spooks/flukes/crank bait
11th placeDennis Pachucki6 fish7.40 lbs
12th placeDave Devinny6 fish7.36 lbs
13th placeRobert Nelson5 fish5.42 lbs
14th placeArnold5 fish5.24 lbs
15th placeBob Asher4 fish4.58 lbs
16th placeBob Schmidt1 fish1.10 lbs

July 12 is a ½ day tournament on the Delta.  Good hook sets and safe boating to all.