The Bass Busters of Santa Clara County held the July tournament on the Delta out of Holland Tract on the 12th.   This tournament was a draw team format.   We had nine boats and 18 anglers.   A total of 43 fish were weighed in with a weight of 84.02 lbs (1.95 lb average).

Congratulations to John Fontana and Rick Marquardt taking 1st place with an impressive 7 fish limit of 18.08 lbs eclipsing the field by 7.24 lbs!  John and Rick fished Franks Tract, Sherman Island and Big Break using top water spooks and then going to Watermelon w/ red fleck to take their fish.  

Second place went to Segoviano Francisco and Joe Haylen.  Their 6 fish weighed 10.84 lbs topped by Joe's second big fish of the tournament, a nice 4.36 lb bucket mouth.   In the early morning, Sego and Joe landed fish with buzz baits and then Senko's in pumpkin and watermelon color.   Great job Sego and Joe!

Despite having an engine breakdown, Henry Silva and Dave Devinny captured third with 10.36 lbs with 6 fish.  Thanks to John Neibel, another member of the club, for helping Henry and Dave by bringing in their fish for weigh in.   It was reported they caught their fish in 14 Mile Slough on orange and black crank baits.   Sorry for the bad luck with the engine, but great job on taking third Henry and Dave.  

Kyle Mulhair and his son Corey took 4th with a 7 fish limit of 9.32 lbs.   Corey filled in after Kyle's partner cancelled out.    Kyle thanked his son for giving up his day and doing him the favor of joining him for this tournament.   Besides allowing Kyle to bring in the additional two fish, Corey helped out immensely with a great job netting!  Thanks Corey! Kyle and Corey caught their fish with poppers early in the morning and brush hogs in the late morning.  

Fifth was taken by Dennis Pachucki and Eric Chikasuye.  Their 3 fish weighed 8.28 lbs and was topped with the big fish of the tournament of 6.02 lbs caught by Dennis on a watermelon w/red Senko.   Dennis and his family made this a special tournament event by hosting a fantastic lunch barbeque.  All the members had a great time and enjoyed the food and friendship and extend their thanks and appreciation to Dennis, his wife and kids!  

Rene Duzac and Joe Costa with a 4 fish limit of 7.68 lbs captured 6th.  Their fish came on crank baits.  

Seventh went to Steve Lobrovich and Danny Dempsey.  Using root beer colored Senko's flipped into tulles; they landed 4 fish for 7.56 lbs.

John Neibel and Jeff Hawkins took 8th with 6.28 lbs for 4 fish.  John and Jeff also caught their fish using root beer Senko's.  Friendship and sportsmanship is a principle of this club and John exemplified this by for helping Henry and Dave get their fish to the weigh in after their boat broke down!  Great job John and Jeff!

In ninth place was Mike Clarke and John Fernandez with a 5.42 lbs for 4 fish.  They took their fish on brush hogs and 5" Senko's in motor oil with chartreuse tails