On February 8th, the Bass Busters of Santa Clara County held the second tournament for 2003 at Lake Berryessa.  The format for this tournament was individual, draw tournament.    We had a good turnout again with 9 boats and 18 anglers.  6 prospective members attended the Club meeting on Thursday and we were fortunate to have two of them join us for this tournament.   The club weighed in 45 fish with a total weight of 62.62lbs, an average of 1.39lbs per fish.  
Blast off took place at 6:40am.  The morning was cold with the morning dew turning to ice on the boat, but the day turned really nice.  It was calm, sunny, and warm.  Water temperature was in the 52 - 54 degree range.  Everyone was expecting a descent bite.  Unfortunately, the bite was slow and difficult.  Only 5 fishermen came in with a five fish limit.  
First place went to Ed Hawkins with 5 fish limit for a total of 8.14 lbs with 1 smallmouth and 4 spotted bass.  Ed caught his first 3 fish early in the morning in 15 ft of water drop shotting 4" Magic Worm green weenie.  Three came early in the morning in 15 ft of water.  Ed moved north near Putah Creek and got the next two on 6" Aarons Magic Roboworms in 25 ft of water.  Not only did Ed win the tournament, but he also caught the second big fish of the tournament, a nice 2.32lb spot.  Ed won his last tournament in 1995 so this is a great win for Ed and congratulations!  
Second place went to Joe Haylen.  Joe joined the club last month and in only his second tournament showed his knowledge and skill.  Joe landed 5 spots for a total weight of 7.96 lbs.  Joe caught his fish by the dam drop shotting red worms with chartreuse tails.  He also caught fish on black and blue jigs.  Joe also caught the big fish of the tournament, a nice 2.56 lb spot.  Congratulations on a solid catch and a nice limit!
Henry Silva finished 3rd with 6.38 lbs with a 5 fish limit of 3 spots and 2 smallmouths.  Henry who is one of the top fishermen in the club (angler of the year in 2002) attributed his success to his back seat and prospective new member Jason Kerney who also came in with a 5 fish limit (the only boat to have two limits).  Joe had an "unknown color" zipper worm.  Henry and Jason targeted inside points with brush and shade.  Their fish were caught in the 5 - 15 ft zone.  Good job Henry.
Kyle Mulhair caught the only limit of five smallmouths and a weight of 5.90 lbs using shad colored 4" worms with chartreuse tails on a drop shot rig to take fourth place.   Kyle fished the narrows targeting main lake points.  All of his fish came in the 20  25 ft range.  Nice job Kyle.
Jason Kerney finished 5th with a 5 fish limit of 4 spots and 1 smallmouth.  This was his first tournament with the Bass Busters and what a great finish for a prospective member.  Jason exhibited the sportsmanship and kind of attitude the club represents.  Even though this was an individual tournament, he shared his successful plastic with Henry his boater and helped Henry place third.  Jason, great job and congratulations!
Finishing 6th was Eric Chikasuye who landed 3 fish for 4.72lbs.  Eric caught the only largemouth for the tournament.  The largemouth and his two spots came on a 3" June bug w/chartreuse tail leach type plastic fished drop shotting.  Good job Eric.
Seventh place went to his boating partner also with a three fish limit for 4.34lbs.  Rene caught two of his spots in 15 ft on a 4" red hand poured worm from "Grandpa's Tackle".  The third fish came on a red speed trap in 10 ft. of water.  
John Fontana weighed in 3 fish for 3.86lbs to place 8th.  A couple of fish came on a pink w/chartreuse tail plastic and the third came on a work with blue fleck w/ chartreuse tail.  
Ninth place went to John Fernandez with two spots including the 3rd big fish of 2.30lbs for the tournament.  His limit was 3.24lbs.  His fish came on a chartreuse grub in 20  25 ft of water.  
Rounding out the top 10 was Jeff Hawkins with 2 spots for 2.86lbs.  One fish came on crank bait and the other split shotting.

The results of the balance of the field:
11th placeFrancisco Segoviano             2.70 lbs
12th placeSteve Irving                           2.14 lbs
13th placeMike Clark                            1.48 lbs
14th placeJoe Costa                             1.08 lbs
15th placeSteve Lobrovich                     1.06 lbs
16th placeRick Marquardt                       .90 lbs

Next month the tournament is at Pine Flat which holds the record for a spotted bass.  This should be a fantastic tournament if the weather cooperates.  The spots should be in the pre-spawn stage and could provide for some pretty exciting action.  The format is a two day pick your partner team tournament.  If you are into bass fishing, you don't want to miss this one!  

This is a great club to meet people with your same interest and the opportunity to learn a lot about bass fishing.  We welcome both boaters and non-boaters.  Our next club meeting is on March 6th at the IHOP's (great dinner menu) on Stevens Creek in Cupertino near Lawrence Expressway.  The meeting starts at 7:30pm.

Good hook sets to all and  SAFE Boating!  

Lake Berryessa 2003