The Bass Busters of Santa Clara County held the 4th tournament of the year at Lake Oroville on Saturday April 12.  This was a draw team tournament and since the club was able to get the slot limit exemption, all boats had the seven fish limit.  It was the second tournament where the weather did no cooperate and it rained all day.  For the most part the wind held down but several boats reported getting caught in a "squall with hail".   Eight boats and 16 fishermen braved the weather and a total of 56 fish (55 spotted bass and 1 largemouth) were weighed in with a weight of 80.84lbs (1.44 lb average).  Big fish for the tournament was a 2.10 lb spotted bass caught by Rene Duzac.

John Neibel and his partner Dennis Pachucki captured first place with a11.88 lb seven fish limit.   John and Dennis fished the middle fork and used rip baits to get the first early limit.  Later in the day, they used smoke 4" dart headed worms off rocks.  A few fish came on jigs also.  Great win John and Dennis.

Second place went to Segoviano "Sego" Francisco and partner John Fernandez with 11.78 lbs, just .10 lbs out of first.    Their fish came on zara spooks, speed traps and dropshooting 6" morning dawn worms.  All of their fish came from water less than 20ft deep.  Good finish Sego and John.

John Fontana and guest Frank Woodlief captured third with a 10.72 lb limit.  Good finish John and Frank.

Forth went to Rene Duzac and Rick Rarquardt with 10.34 lbs.  They started the day going up the north fork.  They had two limits by 7:30 am using Super Spooks and Zara Spooks.  They also got 1 spinnerbait fish.  They continued to crank and drop shot the north fork and then down to the south fork and into the middle fork to finish up the day culling a couple of fish.  They had over 20-25 fish total.  Way to go Rene and Rick!

Henry Silva and Joe Costa got 5th place with a 10.32lb limit. They caught most of their fish on the Middle fork drop-shotting morning dawn Roboworms and Watermelon w/ Gold flake Hula Grubs.Good job Henry and Joe.

6th place went to Ed Hawkins and prospective new member Arnold Esparza.  There 9.64 lb limit came cranking Lucky Craft DB90 in ghost shad, white Rat-L-Trap and a perch colored speed trap.  Their fish were small so they switched to dropshotting 4" roboworms in baby bass to cull a better limit.  Good job Ed and Arnold.

7th was captured by Steve Lobrovich and another prospective member Robert Nelson.  Their 7 fish limit weighed 8.20 lbs.

Kyle Mulhair and Eric Chickasuye finished with a limit of  7.96 lbs.  Their fish came drop shotting and dragging green weenie and witches T worms in 25ft of water.  They landed over 20 fish during the day, but only had 1 descent fish.  

Next month the tournament is two days at Lake Shasta on May 17 and 18.  Let's hope the rain is over with!