Banquet Caps off a Memorable 2009
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02/05/10                                                 Established 1969                                   Newsletter #02.10
Berryessa California – With occasional scattered showers in the forecast and dry conditions at launch time, the Bassbusters were looking forward to a pleasant day of competition.  But soon after launch it all started! Rain pelted the lake nonstop until early afternoon. Rain suits and bilge pumps were the saving grace.

Not to be undone by a little wet stuff, Jon Hagen’s Ranger with Nelson Hilger riding shotgun aimed straight for Putah Creek. However, after finding chocolate milk water conditions, they changed strategies and parked just at the mouth of the creek. Morning was still in its infancy when Nelson set the Hula grub jig head hook on a feisty 8.25 pound toad. Undoubtedly, that fish will give other Bassbusters a clear target for the rest of the season. (last year’s big fish was 7.92 lbs.)

Nelson and Jon definitely found the sweet spot for the day. Jon also tossed hula grubs and did some drop shotting to catch “a lot of fish.” When his culling was done, Jon managed an impressive 9.76 pound bag that narrowly gave Jon a 2nd place finish  Nelson on the other hand, boated just 4 more fish but stuck with quality and hauled his 16.25 limit to the scales. 

“They bit on whatever I drop shot I threw” was the debrief that Rene Dusac credited for his 9.59 pound third place finish. He did add that a Pointer 100 helped his cause by one fish.

Dennis McMaster landed the day’s 2nd biggest fish with a 4.25 pounder that fell for (what else) but a drop shotted Robo Worm.  

The eventual sunshine and the impressive sacks during weigh-in salvaged a great day on Berryessa.

Berryessa Rain Bodes Well For Hilger
Nelson Hilger grips and grins with his 8.25 lb. big fish of the day
Earning the day’s top spots left to right : 3rd -Rene Dusac, 2nd- John Hagen, and 1st Nelson Hilger
Nelson Hilger: (2nd in overall points and Backseat Angler of the Year),        
Jon Hagen: (Angler of the Year and Big Fish of the Year winner),                                   Jim Fritz: (3rd in overall points and Sportsman of the Year Award)                                Bob Williams: (4th in ovrall points),                                                                        Robert Parris  (5th in overall points) 
John Fernandez: (6th in overall points and receipitant of the club's “Mr. Bass” award)
As Club President Spiro Stamos called out raffle numbers, some club members had some difficulty containing their excitment
San Jose, California - February 6th, 2010 -  The Bassbusters of Santa Clara held their annual banquet at the Bold Knight Bistro. Plenty of top notch fishing gear was raffled off and the 2009 awards were handed out. 

The food was great as usual. Members, spouses and guests were treated to another fun packed evening.