04/17/10                                                 Established 1969                                   Newsletter #04.10
Bethel Island, California – With 12 minutes to weigh in, Joe Heylen tossed a Senko under his favorite dock in Piper Slough and landed a 3 pounder that allowed him and teammate Brian Vieau to cull and bring back a 14.58 pound bag to the weigh in just a stone's throw away at Russos. That proved just enough to take first place at the Bassbusters's fourth tournament of 2010 in the California Delta.

Brian claimed the last minute effort was inspired in part by the San Jose Sharks playoff effort the night before when Joe Pavelski tied the score with 30 seconds to go in game 2 with Colorado. 

Earlier, Brian and Joe employed spinnerbaits, as well as using team work to coax a couple of bed fish in the boat. They started in Piper and then made a trek down to Italian with stops at Discovery Bay and Rock Slough before finishing up where they started in Piper. 

Further up north, Scott Pinson and guest Chad Butley were casting frogs in and around Disappointment Slough. They ended up with 14.14 pounds to earn 2nd place, including a 5.86 pounder that took big fish of the day. The big fish was nabbed using a black and blue jig. 

Taking 3rd place was the team of Spiro Stamos and Tyler Lindscott who ended up with a limit of 13.86 pounds. Sprio brought back the 2nd big fist at 5.42 pounds. Punching and "junk fishing" was all that we could get out of Sprio and Tyler.

For the rest of the field, Senkos, and drop shotting were called out repeatedly during the afternoon debriefing in Russo's parking lot. 
Last Cast Wins it for Heylen and Vieau 
April 2010 Delta Winners: L-R  Tyler Linscott and Spiro Stamos (3rd place)  Brian Vieau and Joe Heylen(1st Place),  Scott Pinson and Chad Butkley (2nd Place)
Bassbuster Tony Deleonibus along with his guest partner, Josh, were spotted hard at work way back in the thick of things.
The day's big fish was landed by Scott Pinson .A  5.86 pounder taken on a black and blue jig