Jon Hagan and Joe Heylen Cut through the Fog at Lake Camanche 
Ione California –Dense fog greeted the Bassbusters as they made their way across the central valley on a blistery January morning heading towards Lake Camanche. After waiting until someone could actually find the boat ramp, the 2010 season began.  The GPS units were in full use for the first four hours and that’s about the time most boats saw their first fish. The bite was definitely rough as several boats came back with empty bags. Members who prefished in the sun on Friday, found a much different lake on Saturday. Compounding the fog, a front passed through around 8:00am.  The wind direction changed at least 3 times during the day. But, in true Bassbuster form, several teams made the necessary adjustments and found a way to put fish in the boat.  First place went to the team of Jon Hagen and Joe Heylen with a bag of 11.56 lbs.  Jon and Joe tossed cinnamon, purple and black Hula Grubs to land their 5 fish which included the 2nd big fish.  Second place went to John Fernandez and Mike Villavicencio with a total of 8.62 lbs and the big fish of the day. Hula Grubs along with tubes were cited as the key for John and Mike.  

Next Meeting 
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Boating Safety
Just in case you've forgotten basic  rules of the waterways here is a link with regulations and tips. If you want to be proactive the following is a link to  an  online course about boating safety   
And bringing up third place was the boat of Sprio Stamos and partner Glenn Hayashimoto with a bag tipping the scales at 6.21 lbs. Making the adjustment to jigs tossed at rip rap in the main lake body, helped Glenn and Sprio earn their place in the winner’s photo.  
Despite the tough bite, the fact that everybody came back alive without any boat damage is a testament to the Bassbusters renewed focus on safety for 2010.